Rahul Gandhi-Akhilesh Yadav-Behn Mayawati
Rahul Gandhi-Akhilesh Yadav-Behn Mayawati

UP has population of 20 crores!!!!!!!!. If it had been country it would have been fifth largest populated country after china , India, USA, Indonesia!!!!!!!

Upcoming uttar pradesh election is extremely important elections not just for uttarpradesh which is largest populated state in India but also for three leaders and their future.


1) Rahul Gandhi :

His only credentials in politics till date has been that his surname is GANDHI. The surname which was hijacked by nehru family are now first family of Indian Politics. But Nehru clan didnt just hijack surname , they hijacked Congress too. The party which was ones party of every one is not reduced to be party of first family.

To be fair to nehru clan , they have had their share in making of what India is today. Be it be nehru or Indira or Rajiv, they did do lot for the country but at same time they reduced great party into ‘yes madam/sir’ party where top most post is reserved for either nehru clan or chosen one by nehru clan!!!!!!!

The yuvraj of congress Rahul Gandhi has been honest to people and himself. He knows that it is because of his surname and other surnames like schindiyas or pilots or pawars or latest tandon or singh is credential to enter politics!!!!!!!!

Rahul has been working to get actual aam aadmis in the party but his true test would come in uttar pradesh. Many believe Rahul Baba would be elevated to prime ministership in 2014 , if upa wins election.

The passport to prime ministership would come from uttar pradesh. Congress is already at rock bottom in up and even if congress does reasonably better than last election , congress would be quick to hail rahul gandhi.

But if congress looses elections miserably then congress would call it collective responsibility and still manage to promote Rahul Gandhi.

Then why is this election important for Rahul?. He got to prove himself to himself and also to people of thinking India and his credentials other than merely being born in privilege family would come from Uttar Pradesh.

2) Akhilesh Yadav :

Why should congress have all the fun?. Most political parties including BJP of up are getting their sons/daughters into politics . They have example of congress which has been hugely successful in that.

If Congress project Rahul as yuvraj of India , SP is projecting akhilesh as yuvraj of up. Akhilesh is main campaigner of Samajwadi party. Though Akhilesh maintains that his father would be chief minister , the baton of leadership would pass on to akhilesh in coming year and performance of sp in up is important for akhilesh to cement his position and emerge as generation next leader of sp.

3) Mayawati :

So what is she is crorepati?. So what that there are cases against her?. So what that no one does question her asset of 89 crore officialy while she has been full time politician since 20 plus years, mayawati remains popular leader of up.

She would be fighting against tide and if she wins this election , her next step would be 2014 general election where she would like to play important role. Her google ad campaign in 2009 elections showed her ambition of becoming prime minister.

But if she loose elections , her path ahead seems rocky.

For BJP it seems fight of two yuvraj and dalit ki beti would create situation of their advantage. So let see how up elections unfold…



UP Elections : Rahul Gandhi vs Akhilesh Yadav vs Mayawati : Two Yuvrajs V/s Dalit Ki Beti!!!!!!!
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    Really btiueaful pictures and I liked the new music. Was a little concerned when our connection was interrupted the other night, but Tom assured me there was no need for concern, as that was typical on an internet connection. Too bad the interview didn’t make it to CNN. Love you and miss you. Stay safe. Mom

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