Per Capita Income Of Indian States
Per Capita Income Of Indian States

Development is buzz word in democratic India today. Indian politics which operated at cost of emotions of Indians is slowly graduating into actual issue which are far more important than being hindu or being muslim which are identities which have been played out to get votes. Though religion is unfortunately still played with in name of secularism or islam khatremein hai or hindutva but slowly and gradually issues like employment,quality of life are soon becoming main issues.

Most state elections in last two years have been won by political parties on grounds of development . So let us see which states rank where in terms of per capita income.

1) Goa :

With Rs 1,92,652 per annum as per capita income , State GOA leads the list .¬† Tourism being one of biggest industry for goa with 12% of total India’s tourism is catered by goa . Mining too is important industry along with fishery.

2) Delhi :

The capital of India comes second on the list with Rs 1,75,812 per annum as per capita income. Service sector contributes most to the economy of delhi .

3) Haryana :

Haryana comes third in the list with Rs 1,09,227 per annum per capita income. Haryana thrives on manufacturing, business process outsourcing, agriculture and retail.

4) Tamil Nadu :

The most industrialized state of India , tamil nadu comes fourth in the list of highest per capita income. Rs 84,058 per annum per capita income makes tamil nadu as fourth highest income state.

5) Kerala :

Kerala comes¬† fifth in the list. God’s own kingdom per capita income is Rs 83,725 per annum. Kerala’s half of population depends on agriculture while 20% comes as remittance mainly from gulf countries.

Maharahstra comes sixth in the list and gujarat comes tenth in the list. While reports of per capita income for year 2011-2012 is pending for maharahstra and gujarat , their per capita income for year 2010-2011 Rs 83,471 and Rs 75,115 respectively.

Bihar comes last in the list of per capita income with per capita income of around Rs 24000 per annum.

Top Five States With Highest Per Capita Income (2011-2012)

One thought on “Top Five States With Highest Per Capita Income (2011-2012)

  • October 31, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    For small states and UTs, it is easy for them to show their per capita high. For larger states it is not that easy.
    Small states should not be compared with the large states. UT should be compared in a separate list. That way Maharastra, Gujarat, will be in top 5. Tamilnadu is really doing good for its size.

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