National Bravery Awards (Child Bravery Award) -2012

National Bravery Award India

National Bravery Award India

Indian Bravery Awards 2012 are as follows :

Ramdinthara (Mizoram)  , Devansh Tiwari (Chhattisgarh)  , Mukesh Nishad (Chhattisgarh)
Lalrinhlua (Mizoram)  , E. Suganthan (Tamil Nadu)  , Ramith.K (Kerala)  , Mebin Cyriac (Kerala)  , Vishnu MV (Kerala)  , Koroungamba Kuman (Manipur)  , Sameep Anil Pandit (Maharashtra)  , Viswendra Lohkna (Uttar Pradesh)  , Satendra Lohkana (Uttar Pradesh)  , Pawan Kumar Kanaujiya (Uttar Pradesh)  , Stripleaseman Mylliem (Meghalaya)  , Sapna Kumari Meena (Rajasthan)  , Suhail KM (Karnataka) ,Renu (delhi) ,Vijay Kumar Sainik uttar pradesh ,Akanksha Gaute (Chhattisgarh),Gajendra Ram (Chhattisgarh),Tarang Atulbhai Mistry (gujarat)

Indian Bravery Awards were constituted in 1957. There are five different awards namely as follows :

a)Bharat Award, since 1987
b)Sanjay Chopra Award, since 1978
c)Geeta Chopra Award, since 1978
d)Bapu Gayadhani Award, since 1988
e)National Bravery Award, since 1957

Age Limit : The child should not be below 6 years and above 18 years of age on the date of the incident.

Here is list of brave acts of few of award winners :

1) Koroungamba Kunam

Age : 7 year old
State : Manipur

He saved his sister’s life from fire .

2)Mukesh Nishad

Age : 16 yeard old
State : Chhattisgarh

He saved six children from fire in ware house. Unfortunately mukesh nishad is labor in rice mill.

3) Larinhlua

Age : 12 year old
State : Mizoram

He saved young boy from drowning.

4)Pawan Kumar Kanaujiya

Age : 12 year old
State : Uttar Pradesh

He along with his father fought with gang of robbers who were attempting robbing their house.

Gang of robbers were caught. Imagine 12 year old taking on adults .Amazing.

5)Devansh Tiwari

Age : 9 year old
State : Chhattisgarh

He pulled out his friend using his feet from tank in which his friend had fallen down.

6)Viswendra Lokhna

Age : 17 year old
State : Haryana

He along with his cousin saved three precious life by pulling them out of jeep which had met with accident. Unfortunately driver could not survived but three lives were saved.

7)Tarang Atulbhai Mistry

Age: 17 year old
State : Gujarat

He saved four precious live from drowning in naramada.

8)Suhail KM

Age: 14 year old

State : Karnataka

Saved his friend farukh from getting drowned in river

9) Hali Raghunath Baraf

State: Maharahstra

Saved her pregnant sister from panther

Few sentences for Geeta chopra and sanjay chopra because it narrates something called more things change ,more they remain same. Geeta Chopra and sanjay chopra were kidnapped by two anga Khus (Kuljeet Singh) and Billa (Jasbir Singh) in 1978.

Kidnappers intended to get ransom from geeta chopra and sanjay chopra’s parents. Kidnappers later came to know that geeta and sanjay’s dad was naval officer. They instead of asking for ransom , killed both kids . Geeta was raped before murder.Both of them were arrested and hanged in 1982.