Rediff Poll : People Want A P J Abdul Kalam As President Of India

President Of India Poll

President Of India Poll

President banega kaun? . As media , political parties are gearing up for theoretically all Important post in India , that is president election , has asked its viewers to choose who they want to see as president.

The contenders for post of head of republic of India which rediff put are as following

1) Narayan Murthy :

The man who is one of chief faces of Indian soft power , finds himself in the list of rediff and not surprisingly he is second most voted people on rediff.

2) A K Antony :

There is joke going rounds these days. If one wants to make Indian defense system at par with the world , a k antony must be made president of India , such that some one else who can take swift decision can become defense minister!!!!!!!!!. May be rediff thought on same lines and so we have a k antony too in the list.

3) Pranab Mukherjee :

The man most talked about in media is pranab mukherjee. Pranab has already declared that he would like to retire from politics and wont contest next elections which are due on 2014. The sankatmochan of UPA wont be relieved easily by sonia gandhi. He is firefighter of upa and he makes government survive in collation politics.He gets 5% of votes from viewers of

4) Soli Sorabjee :

Ex Attorney-General of India soli sorabjee too finds himself in the list. Personally he would be good choice but for me A P J Abdul Kalam is best available option.

5) Hamid Ansari :

Hamid ansari is one of two front runners for the post of president of India. Current vice president had pretty good chance of becoming president since congress cant risk to let pranab da go considering 2014 is approaching and corrupt upa would need experienced pranab da for post poll tie ups which he cant do if he becomes president of India…Sab ganda hai par dhandha hai (politics) and in this game of 2014 , hamid might turn out to be president in 2012!!!!!!!!

6) Jaswant Singh :

Dont know how did rediff decide on letting jaswant singh be in the list. He is most likely to face opposition from some sections of BJP itself. Never the less senior BJP leader too finds him in the list.

7) Somnath Chaterjee :

He too can be very good choice. Veteran communist leader is known to have unbiased , apolitical stand when he holds constitutional post , as he did when he was speaker. But he is unlikely to even figure in discussion considering how much mamata is allergic to LEFT…

8) Meira Kumar :

The present speaker of Loksabha is dalit . She is woman. Serves perfect symbolism. But would she be candidate?…As of now her name doesnot feature in president banega kaun discussion of media.

9) Sharad Yadav :

NDA convenor as president in upa government?. Well doesnot seem so but in politics you never know. UPA is in worst phase and is going to face elections in 2 years. They would love to woo Nitish Kumar and what better way than to make his party’s strong man Sharad Yadav as president…

10) Prakash Singh Badal :

Again non starter name. Cant expect prakash singh badal’s name wont get consensus.

11) Mulayam Singh Yadav :

Mulayam is having high after winning uttar pradesh election and I dont think he would want to have post which though most important one , would restrict his larger ambition . 2014 is coming and mulayam singh yadav would want to play big big part in national scene .

12) A P J Abdul Kalam :

Here comes my favorite name. In above distinguished list , A P J is most deserving and most trusted name to become president. People’s president in his first term proved he is thinking president and can connect to common people of India , instead of being symbolic . In poll too , A P J has got highest vote which shows how much people love him.

Unfortunately president poll is more or less political exercise …

Indian President Poll : Who Should Be President Of India?

Hamid Ansar-A P J Abdul Kalam-Pranab Mukherjee

Hamid Ansar-A P J Abdul Kalam-Pranab Mukherjee


President of India, the first citizen of India is constitutional head of India. The elections of all important though symbolic post is on. President is chosen by an electoral college consisting of the elected members of both houses of Parliament, the elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies (Vidhan Sabha) and the elected members of the legislative assemblies of the Union Territories of Delhi and Puducherry.

Present President of India Pratibha Patil’s first term is ending and government is not too keen to give her second term. As per Indian constitution any person can remain president for two terms only . Pratibha Patil’s term has had her share of controversies. Latest in list of controversies having been defense land alloted for her home after retirement and her immense foreign visits.

UPA-2 who is alleged to be most corrupted government in history of Independent India wants to have president which would be of clean image.

Race for president banega kaun is on with all political parties busy with pushing their choices and yet trying to build consensus.

Congress sources reveal three names namely Loksabha speaker meera kumar , vice president of India hamid ansari and finance minister pranab mukherjee.

BJP has decided to oppose any congress candidate. Sushma Swaraj said that she doesnot consider hamid ansari as that of stature to be president.While sushma rejected pranab mukherjee too.. Now this rejection of pranab has triggered joke in internet. Many joked that bjp was helping congress by rejecting pranab mukherjee because pranab mukherjee runs government and is saviour of upa . He is always one who bails congress out of mess in collation politics…

Another name which is doing rounds is APJ Abdul Kalam. The ex president is most respected president of recent times and he is most deserving ones too. It is unfortunate that people of India cannot vote in president elections , if they would have had , A P J surely would have been winner.

No matter how much NDA tries , in end it would be UPA candidate which would become president. UPA has numbers in parliament and would get support from maya , mulayam who wont want to vote along with BJP. For muyalam , mamta , maya its bargaining time and I wont be surprised in Mayawati gets her security back to level it was when she was chief minister of uttar pradesh.

In dirty politics it is unfortunate that thinking person like A P J might not get selected..Sad but thats how ¬†our politics goes…


Shahrukh Khan Detention : Does this news deserves to be No 1 Headline?


aaj tak- shahrukh khan detention news

aaj tak- shahrukh khan detention news

ndtv- shahrukh khan detention news

ndtv- shahrukh khan detention news




Agreed , he is big big star. Agreed he is self made man and he proved his mettle in industry which like ruling congress promotes only family to place of top. Agreed he is super

Shahrukh Khan was detained again in usa today and his detention made all the headlines and as seen in above image from aajtak , ndtv and cnn-ibn it is no 1 headline for all the news channels/website.

Now neither it is first time srk has been detained , nor he is fight celebrity or dignitary to be detained. Indian foreign ministry reacted and did right thing by reacting. Matter must be closed now.

As omar abdullah said whats the big deal about it?. “Honestly what’s the big deal?? This airport detention thing happens all the time and to all sorts of people. Get over it,” Omar tweeted.

A.P.J abdul kalam was frisked and that was much bigger news than detention of any . A.P.J gracefully handled the matter , Indian government complained and APJ got written apology.

I am not saying that this should not be in news but is this THE NEWS?. I doubt it. There are far more THE NEWS which needs to be covered. News which effects real aam aadmis. News which matter and news which are important since they directly impact our lives. Such news needs more coverage.

But at same time it would be unfair to blame media. Jo bikta hai wohi dikhta hai as far as media goes. News like an non corrupted police officer transferred in andhra or an India’s deepest problems like girl child , dowry , caste issues , lack of prepardness of armed forces , family business in politics etc dont catch attention but srk’s detention does and that is sad part of story.

Coming to Shahrukh Khan , well dear srk , i understand that detention is frustrating but our foreign ministry has been more than supportive to you. Our foreign ministry does little to help our poor workers who get enslaved in some gulf countries but do stand for you , so please stop complaining and if usa keeps treating you like this in future too , stop going to usa . After all your name is big enough that yale can arrange video conference for u. Isnt it?

A P J Abdul Kalam – Happy Birthday Sir

Today is 15th october and on this day great soul and man like A P J Abdul Kalam was born. People’s president , missile man as he is often called is great thinker himself. Coming from humble background , belonging to minority community A P J Abdul Kalam is manifestation of everything which our founding fathers wanted .

I have read his book ‘wings on fire’ and it is one of best books I have come across. Born in poor family with not so educated dad , A P J’s journey to become one of most celebrated scientist is not just personal story of some one , it is triumph of human soul against all odds.

Already popular A P J’s popularity crossed all heights when he was sworn in as president. He changed the perception of president ship. He made BEING PRESIDENT look cool and accessible to people. Instead of being chained by protocols , he carried his president ship humbly which made him get tags like ‘People’s President’.

A P J’s success in life can be credited to education and if one can take singular thing from his life , it should be education. Education is tool which can help any one whether he is poor or rich , hindu or muslim , from village or city to reach his/her destiny.

Another thing which I would like to mention here is A P J’s comment on corruption. He believes that three people can play important and profound difference in corruption cancer . Those three people are teacher , mother and father.

Now this look too simplistic approach but it is must deeper and actually very powerful way of curbing corruption which when followed can really make difference to society. But for that to happened teachers and parents must themselves be grounded on values of no corruption.

As A P J Abdul Kalam reaches 80 years today , I have one request to make to him and that request is simple. Dear Sir , your nation needs you and you must come into active public life , if possible in politics. I know politics is dirty , corrupted but having people like you can make difference to politics itself. I perfectly understand that presidents in this country dont get into politics after retirement from president ship but you have always been people’s president and not chained down by garimas.

You are most trusted person of India and in you lies everything which India can be. I wish you on your birth day with hope that you would think over my request and be actively involve in shaping destiny of future generations and this country.

Happy birthday sir…


Kalam As PM, Kiran Bedi As HM -My Dream Cabinet

UPA-2 is busy dealing with one scams after another and managing public reactions by using various means like conceding demands of civil society , buying time , trying to defame them , using RSS card to keep liberals,leftist and minorities away.

People of India , especially the ubran class is fed up of scams and more scams and then more scams. The inherent feeling among masses is enough is enough. Many are clinical and resigned that anything can change. Alternative of congress doesnot seems to be too exciting considering they have had their own share of scams.

According to me , it is right time for brand new party with no nonsense attitude , zeal for good goverance and non corrupted individuals. According to me likes of abdul kalam , kiran bedi, narayan murthy must contest elections and take charge but entering parliament.

Here is my dream list of cabinet :

1) A P J Abdul Kalam As Prime minister of India With Science As Aditional Portfolio :

He tops the list of most trusted people of India. He is well respected man with innovative ideas and strong thought process about how to make India realize its destiny. He connects with people and has ability to take nation forward. I believe he would be ideal prime minister of India

2) Kiran Bedi As Home Minister of India :

Strong , morally upright , knows how police forces works and delivered is same corrupted system. She transformed tihar jail and now is supporting cause of anna hazare . She also owns website called safe India. She has strength , training and right thinking process to make ideal home minister.

3) B.V.Raman As Defense Minister :

He headed RAW and is defense expert right now. He knows much about defense systems , not just of India but also about our usual threats. His expertise and desire to overhaul our defense system to make it match other countries , makes me put him on this list

4) Narayan Murthy As HRD & IT Minister :

Who can suit this post most than Mr Narayan Murthy. Self Made man who made most of his money selling software services to foreign countries knows what kind of Human Resource future India and world would need.

5)Anna Hazare As Agriculture And Rural :

This is one of most important  portfolio. No matter how much urbanization we see today , Indian majority still stays in rural area and large number of population is dependent on agriculture. Anna Hazare has transformed his village and his innovative ideas can tranform India and cause second green revolition.

6) E. Sreedharan As Railway Minister:

Known as metro man E .Sreedharan is right candidate according to me to become Railway Minister. He has immense experience in Railways and can deal with all important issues of hygiene , security and upgradation of railways.

7) ILA Bhatt As Women and Child Minister:

One of best human beings which India has , ILA Bhatt is symbol of self less devotion and empowerment of women. Her SEWA stands tall on how women can be empowered. She is ideal candidate according to me for the said ministry

8)Deepak Parekh As Finance Minister:

Chartered Accountant by education and one of tranformers of banking Industry , Deepak Parekh is well known figure in the country. He knows what , how , when of finances and can contribute immensely in taking nation forwarsd.

9)Dr Devi Shetty as Health Minister:

He is one of most famous heart surgeons of India. He is young , dynamic and understands need of nation as middle class is rising. He can contribute in rural health needs as well as urban health needs.

10) Mahesh Bhupati As Sports Minister:

I would have loved to put dhanraj pillai or PT Usha in the list but I wanted some one who understands importance of sports and has operational knowledge as well as passion for sports. We as nation have not taken sports seriously but I believe sports can transform nation and mahesh bhupati is my choice as sports minister of India.

11) Prahlad Kakkar As Tourism Minister:

We can be number one in tourism. We have one of most diversed places in the world. Snow in north , desert in west , great beaches in goa ,diu,mandvi , awesome natural scenes in kerala , vibrant north east and most importantly we have rich culture and heritage with great historical monuments. What we need is proper branding of India as tourist spot and prahlad knows the game of branding well making him as ideal choice for me as tourism minister.

12) Ratan Tata As Heavy Industry Minister:

The second most trusted person of India , doesnot need any introduction. Being well versed in Business , he makes as ideal character for becoming minister of heavy industry.

So above is my choice of cabinet minister . Still many portfolios are pending and would update list accordingly. I would like to hear others out on this. Who do you think is ideal for various cabinet post .