“Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai , sabse nayaara desh humhaara hai”

India , the country we all love,the country we are proud of, the country which has been rated as cradle of civilization and country which has seen foreign invasion in its long history.

The country which became slave of Britain  and country which had to sacrifices lakhs of careers , thousands of lives to become free. The country which was built with blood of Rani Laxmibai , Tatiya Tope and lives of lalalajpat rai , bhagat singh to name few. The “freedom” which we witness today was dream of many who died before they could see that freedom.

Many people contributed in making India what it is today and every contribution has had its impact of journey of India.

With need of times arose brave souls who could not take status quo any more. They took a stand and stood for “Freedom”. They mobilized masses with their resolve and should people of India path which led to freedom.

Most famous of them is mahatma Gandhi but it was not just Mahatma who made freedom possible. It was every human soul who didn’t  bow down . It was every human soul which didn’t trade freedom for his life. It was hemus and aslams, bhadur shah jafars and mangal pandeys , it was gokhales and annie besants , it was Dadabhai Naoroji  and Chandra shekar azads , it was mahatma and ambedkar , it was Nehru and subhash , it was sardar vallabh bhai patel and maulana azad. They were many and collectively they brought freedom for India and their thoughts,  their speeches , their writings influenced India in becoming what it is today.

The most potent force which humans have ever had is human thought. It is thought which makes human’s quest for action. It is thought which is purest lethal forces which in due turn creates and it is thought which makes human reach to its destiny.

These thoughts are put in action by humans but those thoughts needs to be communicated to other people to form a team. No Mahatma can achieve anything without people and it is speeches, writings , actions which makes others follow the example.

In this post I am including various speeches of various influential people which made current India possible. These speeches are available on youtube but my idea to put all of them here is to provide them on singular post.

The speeches are of mahatma Gandhi , Nehru , maulana azad, dr ambedkar , Vivekananda and subhash Chandra Bose.

Speeches Of Indian Leaders

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