Rape - Worst Crime
Rape - Worst Crime

Recently another Rape news made headlines. A 37 years old , mother of two was raped by five people in car. The men she met in night club. She stayed till late , befriended them and took lift from them. Now her mistake was that she took lift from strangers in late night…

Now this woman gets raped goes to police and how does police react?. Well they put onus on her. What was she doing in night club. Well may be having beer..So?..Is having beer crime?.If yes ban it ….

Why did she take lift with strangers?. Hmmm…Mistake…agreed…but crime?..Nope…

How rape can happen in moving car?. Interesting question…but more important question was did rape happen?. If yes ,what role police must do?..Take FIR and work on it, right?..If police thinks woman is lying , they can arrest her for false complain , isnt it?

The biggest shocking remarks came from mamta banerjee who called the story to be fabricated to undermine her government!!!!!!!!!…Now coming for woman itself , this was really shocker.

But coming to other comments , many people questioned morality of the woman. Now does lady going to bar and taking lift late in night with strangers give rights to those strangers to rape her?.

Often we keep hearing from people on high post in police or administration that onus of not getting raped is on woman!!!!!!!!!!!…It is like telling onus of not being murdered or robbed lies on us as aam aadmis and not those who commit those crimes , not on police , law and order machinery!!!!!!!

Often Rape victims are ridiculed for their life styles…Ironically , isnt it?. Rape victims often become victims of gender prejudice and social norms of what woman must do and not do…But that about men who commit worst crime called RAPE?

Rape in many cases is worst than murder. In murder victim dies , in rape victim often remains tormented for years and years. Rape victims needs all the support from society and not ridicules. Rape victim needs social, mental and psychological support.

Coming to offenders , I believe 7 yrs jail term for rape charges is peanuts . It must be atleast 25 yrs or more and we need change of laws for that.


Raped and Ridiculed : Are Rape Victims ,Also victims of gender prejudice?

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