It was long long wait. Anna is fasting since last 11 days for jan lok pal bill. Every one who is any one like mahesh bhatt , arundhati roy to tall personality in social activist circle aruna roy to our dear politicians like mr advani ,nirpuam ,bal thackeray, salman khurshid,shushma swaraj to legal icons like sorabjee, retired chief justice to army chief have had expressed their opinion on current movement.

Prime Minister of India , dr manmohan singh and upa chairperson sonia gandhi too appealed to anna to end his fast. But one person was missing from the scene. He made only simple statement before today and it was ‘obviously I am concerned’ .This was in reply to question asked about anna’s health.

But finally wait got over today when rahul gandhi made statement in the parliament today. Rahul gandhi took so long to make statement is because according to him he thinks before he speaks. Now it is good that anna has mental strength to sustain and rahul gandhi is not prime minister already. Or else this thinking before speaking could have made it too late phenomena!!!!!!

Coming back to point , rahul gandhi made some interesting points which are worth looked into.He believes that lok pal alone wont serve the purpose. He is right , lok pal is not only thing but one of the things. Rahul suggested of making lok pal as independent constitutional body. I support this . The body should be in likes of election commissioner and who would become chairperson of that should not be solely decided by government. If that happens it would become symbolic body.

We should have selection committee comprising people from government , judiciary ,civil society for selection . This is vague Idea and we can have more intensive look at.

Another important point which rahul made are as under and I would give my point of view on each and every point .

(1) government funding of elections and political parties

This has been doing rounds since couple of years and dr manmohan singh had mentioned this in India Today’s conclave too.

The problem with this would be who would moniter the funds?. Opposition wont agree on government itself monitering this and since it is money of people of India , government being its custodian logically it has right to moniter. Secondly this can be misused by government to target opposition parties.

May be we can give this responsibility to election commission itself. Point worth thinking since in today’s time politician spend 10 core per election and where does that money come from?. This is one of points which causes corruption of future!!!!!!!!!

(2) transparency in public procurement

Needed. I agree with this.

(3) proper regulation of sectors that fuel corruption like land and

This is must needed reform but it requires looking not only into government deals but real estate industry as a whole.. Land is not only means of corruption but it is also parking place of black money. It generates 1 lakh crore of black money every year in private sector according to studies. Land is neither manufactured nor created . Land is getting costlier day by day making residential properties costlier . Money which comes in real estate industry comes majorly from corruption and media baron,politicians,ias,ips,mafias all are some way or another involved in this industry. We need major look into this matter.

(4) grievance redress mechanisms in public service delivery of old
age pensions and ration cards

Why only pensions and ration cards. We need this in every sector. But jan lok pal bill addresses this.

(5) continued tax reforms to end tax evasion.

This is on going process but I would like rahul gandhi to first make his government take back review petition it filed in supreme court regarding judgment on black money. There seems to political will for tax evasion. Hasan Ali was allowed to take his money and so was Ottavio Quattrocchi. Politician and top government official along with corporate people are believed to have parked their money outside. Would we ever see government taking strong measures against this?.

So guys what do you people think on lines of what rahul suggest today?

Rahul Gandhi’s Five Point Suggestion Along With Lokpal

One thought on “Rahul Gandhi’s Five Point Suggestion Along With Lokpal

  • August 26, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Common people and BPL groups mostly depend on Government ORDERS ACTS and for its implementations in toto.There is no need to others in the society ,because the orders and Acts are automatically come to their rescue because of wealth and dignity and power.Curruption in our country is continuing in all levels either by direct or by indirect with so meny models.If a man wants an urgent work in the say governament ,he has to optain 1st information ,this is the step he requires some help , the person who is concerned is not willing to give information on time ,because he may advise about RTA2005.For all levels compleation nearly 60 to 90 days may took for geting accurate information if all the concerned acts in time .By thinking the URGENCY if he follows the help of infomation from the concerned as per his openion , there is no need of RTA 2005 then .
    Here ,ACTS GOs etc every time goes for wrong openion and rule making in some times no use for urgency in case of curuption.In our democrasy , mejority openion is the right for all things in implementing any thing to socity by the people reprasentatives.If jan lokpal bill come to implementation then also there will no garentee for coreption .unless and other wise every citigen of our country feels inclination about his service concern to society with effection ,respect, time limit,love with moral thinking and belief on god also with moral ethics courtasy ,then only atleast 50% corruption may be controlled. For any work compleation fixed time limit with fixed responcibility on each and every body with some finacial cut on the suceeding month shallbe counted.Here every body suport about non corrption including political and non political.But who will maintain the trouth for correption .It is not a correption but it is a JAN CANCERcurreption in the 90% society.If attempts for a Bill in the parlement long discussion with all party participation shallbe maintained. If a commitee proposed ,the commitee shall contain a Frredom fighter, senior journalist, Non gezited officer Centr/state senior layaer,PM/CM Good NGO shallbe the membars for discussion if agreed.To discribe about the transaction of curreption it will take more than 5 yrs period from root level to statelevel and to centre level.I hope the family of NEHRU to this country will certainly cut the curreption and bribe in the socity .All the people of INDIA are with good belief on SONIYAJI and RAHUL GANDHI .

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