Indian Railways Fare Hike
Indian Railways Fare Hike

Indian Railway’s Train Fare has been hiked for passengers.
“People are ready to pay. After all we have to modernize the railways. People also must understand this. We seek there cooperation since there is no increase in passenger fare for last 12 years. Though any increase in fare will pinch, it is obviously, but then we have to be realist in our approach. That is what I appeal to the people” – Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal

Let us look at how much the fares have been hiked?

1) Second Class ordinary suburban- 2 paise per Km
 2) Second Class ordinary non suburban- 3 paise per Km
 3) Second Class mail express train- 4 paise per Km
 4) Sleeper class- 10 paisa per Km
 5) AC chair car- 10 paisa per Km
 6) AC 2 tier- 15 paisa hiked earlier and additional 6 paise now
 7) AC first class- 30 paisa per km was hiked earlier and additional 10 paise now
New Fares to be effective from 21st Jan..
So ahmedabad to delhi which is 1000 kms plus would have hike of INR 100 on sleeper and AC 2 tiers would see hike of INR 150.
I agree with Mr Bansal personally . People want good service and wont mind giving few more money to travel but we demand and deserve better service. I recently traveled to delhi in Rajdhani express which is considered to be one of best trains that we have. I traveled in ac 2 tier . Honestly I found my experience to be pretty ordinary.
One of tiolets had issues with water . Cleanliness was there but response of staff was slow. I am ready to pay more but I want proper service too.
Few of  many concerns which people have with railways is cleanliness , security and above all train accidents . I hope the money generated by extra charge is not used for salaries but used for modernization of railways.
New Rates For Train Fare – Hike On Train Fare

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