Women Reservation Bill is most important political news since a week. It saw 14 years of sheer opposition before getting finally passed by Rajya Sabha. Though it needed suspension of 7 members , adjournment of rajya sabha 9 times in two days and rare unity of left,right and congress for bill to get passed.

Loksabha too seems to see more fireworks and this bill won’t be tabled before union budget , railway budget’s debate and passage.

When would this bill be tabled in what media is speculating on but its clear that whip might be issued by BJP,CONGRESS AND LEFT to make sure that this bill gets passed.

What Is Whip?

Party leadership issues directive to its member who have to be present in rajyasabha/loksabha/assembly (where ever they have been elected to). Party leadership also issues directive about whether vote of each member would be against or for the bill or motion.

So whip is something which party issues cutting the democratic right of elected member (selected in case of rajyasabha).

The person who citizens of India consider good enough to represent them , doesnot have right to have his/her own independent opinion and has to adhere to party’s decision , irrespective of whether he believes in that or not.

It is strange that a country which is largest democracy sees issuing of such whips which itself means that party leadership dont believe in ability of its member to have right opinion on the issue!!!!!!!!!

Ironically it is also true that if whip is not issued many members would vote against the bill because when this bill becomes reality , 33% of them would end loosing their own seats!!!!!!!!!

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Issuing Whip In Largest Democracy!!!!!!!!!!
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