How Many Villages Are There In India?

We have often heard that India is nation of villages. Bharat goan mein basta hai. So let us see how many villages are there in India state wise.

Sno State No Of Villages
1 Andra Pradesh 28123
2 Arunachal Pradesh 4065
3 Assam 26312
4 Bihar 45098
5 Chhatisgarh 20308
6 Goa 359
7 Gujarat 18539
8 Haryana 6955
9 Himachal Pradesh 20118
10 Jammu & Kashmir 6652
11 Jharkhand 32615
12 Karnataka 29406
13 Kerala 1364
14 Madhya Pradesh 55393
15 Maharashtra 43711
16 Manipur 2391
17 Meghalaya 6026
18 Mizoram 817
19 Nagaland 1317
20 Orissa 51349
21 Punjab 12683
22 Rajasthan 41353
23 Sikkim 452
24 Tamil Nadu 16317
25 Tripura 870
26 Uttarakhand 16826
27 Uttar Pradesh 107452
28 West Bengal 40782
29 Andobar & Nicobar Islands 547
30 Chandigarh 24
31 D & N Haveli 70
32 Diu and Daman 23
33 Delhi 165
34 Lashadweep 24
35 Puducerry 92
Total 638588

So we have total of six lakhs thirty eight thousand five hundred and eighty eight villages in India , with uttar pradesh having highest number of villages with one lakh plus as numbers.The figures are based of census of 2011 .

Madhya Pradesh with Fifty five thousand three hundred and ninety three villages is second in list of states with highest number of villages ,orissa with fifty one thousand three hundred and fourty nine  while Maharashtra with  fourthy three thousand seven hundred and eleven villages comes fourth in the list.Rajasthan with fourty one three hundred and fifty three in list of states with most number of villages. West Bengal with forty thousand seven hundred eighty two thousand villages is sixty in list of states with most number of villages.

Diu and Daman is union territory with least number of villages. It has mere twenty three villages . Lashadweep has twenty four villages ,while chandigarh has twenty four villages too. Among states Mizoram has eighty hundred and seventeen villages and is last in list of states in number of villages.



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  1. This is a good information . As we all are INDIAN we should know this thing . thank you

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