Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thakeray
Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thakeray


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) , the richest civic body in India with annual budget of Rs 21,000 crores is all set to be governed again by Shiv Sena-BJP combine. The BMC has been ruled by shiv sena combine since 17 years by now .

Shiv Sena which is soon eroding from politics has got much needed victory in civic poll elections. Media projected this election as litmus test for uddhav thackeray and atleast in this election he seems to have answered his critics.

shiv sena,bjp combined have managed to win on 107 seats in BMC  while congress-ncp ally has managed to win in 61 seats out of 227 seats. RAJ THACKERAY managed to win 29 seats and can prove big challenge to shiv sena in coming years. He has managed to snatch away all seats from dadar which has been strong hold of shiv sena.

As for congress-ncp the results are discouraging , specially since this time they were confident of getting BMC governance after 17 years of exile.

The reactions of mumbaikers have been mixed as some hailing the results while other seemed disappointed.

Following two tweets says it all :

Tweet 1: Mumbai has lost its right to complaint anymore, Shiv Sena-BJP set to rule again
Tweet 2: Shiv-Sena BJP alliance all set to rule the BMC for another 5 years ! The tiger gets its teeth back !

So as Bal Thackeray rejoices today victory it would be interesting to see whether Shiv Sena-BJP would be able to take things forward in assembly elections too. Personally I believe BMC election is breather for shiv sena which was demoralized with eroding support.But winning assembly election would be different ball game .

As for Raj Thackeray he is here to stay. Though he managed to get only 29 seats , he would prove to be spoiler in Shiv Sena’s party. With time he would emerge as threat to shiv sena it seems.

For BJP road ahead in maharashtra would be playing development politics. Under congress regime maharahstra prospered but now is lagging behind in its strongest point and that is ATTRACTING INVESTMENT. Gujarat has left it behind and this is point which BJP can devise genuine model for future elections.

For Congress , it has to come out of its ‘we are the best’ bet slogan. Corruption is something which congress has mastered and if they dont give up their arrogance and put things in right perceptive , they would suffer.

NCP is strong only in Maharashtra and seems to remain so. Their branching out of maharahstra doesnot seem to happen anytime soon.

Election Results : Mumbai Corporation Elections (BMC) – Shivsena Roars Again
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