Delhi - Rape Capital Of India
Delhi – Rape Capital Of India

Delhi , the rape capital of India

Rape , rape and rape. Delhi is in news for rapes on daily basis and the way delhi is going it would soon replace south africa’s city as being rape capital of the entire world.

It is high time that sheila dixit led state government and shinde led home ministry stop playing passing the parcel game . I understand that shinde has daughers and so does dr singh but that doesnot change fate of daughters of this great nation . Stop making excuse sir …

Coming to statistical data of rapes in delhi In year 2011 , rape cases reported in delhi was five hundred and seventy two. (572) while delhi city had four hundred and fifty three rape cases. The rise in number of rape cases had increased by 12.8 % .

In Year 2012 , rape cases jumped heavily and delhi reported 706 rape cases. It is jump of 23.42 % in comparison to year 2011.

South east delhi is most unsafe part of delhi .According to NCB seventy five rape cases have been reported from south east delhi (75).

South west delhi has had sixty nine rape cases being reported in 2011 (2012 data still in compilation by NCB). North east delhi too has had sixty nine reported rape cases (69) while north west delhi has had fifty eight rape cases reported in 2011.

South delhi has had sixty five reported rape cases (65) while north delhi has had eleven rape cases .

East delhi has had fifty five reported rape cases (55) while central delhi has had sixteen reported rape cases.

New delhi has had two reported rape cases which is lower in comparison to other areas of delhi.

The reports coming for first three months of 2013 are shocking. If it continues with same rate , delhi might cross four digits in number of rape cases…

Here is number of rape cases reported in last decade :


Year Numer Of Rape Case


2003 406
















2012 706
Delhi Rape Statistics

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