Challenge For Congress - Sycophancy
Challenge For Congress - Sycophancy

During days when kings , nawabs , sultans used to rule India , they use to have state kavis. Many of so called kavis use to invest their talent in writing poems on their kings , nawabs , sultans. By doing so they use to get inaams .

The trend can be seen all across the globe and chamchagiri or sycophancy seems to be trait which has helped careers of many and it seems to be timeless trait!!!!!!!!!!!

World has changed a lot in last few hundred years. Today governance too has changed. We have democracy in most parts of world. The communist still hold ground in countries like china , north korea . Kinghood still holds ground in muslim countries like saudi arabia. But lately saudi too has seen more people centric governance system. Voices of change , democracy were heard in various parts in 2011. People are getting more aware about their right as human being and in all possibility governance would see more people centric systems where rule of law would have people’s view incorporated in it in future.

In such times one thing seems not to change and it is art of chamchagiri or sycophancy. Indian National Congress is oldest party of India and is chief party which contributed most in India’s struggle of Independence.

The party was unique in a sense. It had people from all walks of life , all caste , all community , all faiths. Be it be parsi or hindu or muslim or sikh , you name it and congress had people from that faith. Congress had people from dalits , people from brahmin , people from south , people from north. In era where woman was considered to be responsible only for household activities , congress had women too in it. Congress truly represented India .

After Independence Nehru began prime minister and unfortunately for Nehru ,Congress and India , most of top most leaders like mahatma , sardar patel , didnt live much and with death of maulana azad , nehru lost close guide,friend .

But most unfortunate thing for India was death of lal bhadur shashtri. The event gave India a very powerful prime minister called Indira gandhi but at same time the event laid foundation to new dynasty of India that is nehru clan.

Insecure Indira had group of selected few whom she did trust . Nick named as kitchen cabinet , they had strong say in governance too.  Indira’s rule saw corruption rise . When we seen today people coming on streets to say corruption down down , many dont know that similar banners made their way to streets during 70s too when Indira ruled.

Congress from being party of all voices soon became party with main trait as being loyal to one person and family. Culture of sycophancy entered the great party called congress and today in 2012 the above ad given by some congress man shows how deep rooted the culture of chamchagiri had become.

Challenge for congress if at all it wants to go back to glorious congress ,then challenge would be how it can bring people on merit who can stand upright and whose survival in party in not based on loyalty to one family but on what he/she brings on board.

Challenge for congress would be how they bring in actual representation of people of India . Rahul Gandhi claims to be working for it with youth congress but as long as top seats are reserved for one family , I am not sure how this would work?.


Challenge For Congress – Sycophancy

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