Tamil Nadu Map
Tamil Nadu Map


Tamil nadu is one of most exciting states of India. Exciting because it is witness to human growth and evolution. It is one of oldest places in the world to have continuous habitations. In Adichanallur,Tamil nadu archaeologists  unearthed 169 clay urns containing human skulls, skeletons and bones, plus husks and grains of rice, charred rice and Neolithic celts, giving evidence confirming them to be of the Neolithic period. About 60% of the total epigraphical inscriptions found by ASI( Archaeological Survey of India) in India are from Tamil Nadu and most of which are in Tamil language. Geologists have discovered hundreds of fossilized dinosaur eggs, perhaps 65 million years old, underneath a stream in a tiny village in Ariyalur district.

According to census 2011 , tamil nadu is seventh most populous state in India after uttarpradesh, maharashtra, bihar,west bengal, andhra pradesh, and madhya pradesh. According to census report 2011 tamil nadu’s population is  Seven crore,twenty one lakhs , thrity eight thousand ,nine hundred and fifty eight (7,21,38,958).

Three crore,sixty one lakhs,fifty eight thousand , eight hundred and seventy one (3,61,58,871) are males while three crores,fifty nine lakhs,eight thousand and eight seven (3,59,80,087) are females. This makes tamil nadu as one of best states in India as far as gender ratio goes. Their gender ratio is 995 females per 1000 males. But as most state gender ratio is far lesser in age group of 0-6 yrs which is 946 females per 1000 males.

Tamil nadu is pretty balanced states in terms of urban and rural population ratio. While Three crore seventy one lakhs eighty nine thousand two hundred and twenty nine (3,59,89,229) live in rural areas , Three crore fourty nine lakhs forty nine thousand seven hundred and twenty nine (3,49,49,729) live in urban areas.

Total 2001 2011 Rural 2001 2011 Urban 2001 2011
Persons 62,405,679 72,138,958 Persons 34,921,681 37,189,229 Persons 27,483,998 34,949,729
Males 31,400,909 36,158,871 Males 17,531,494 18,663,701 Males 13,869,415 17,495,170
Females 31,004,770 35,980,087 Females 17,390,187 18,525,528 Females 13,614,583 17,454,559


Tamil nadu has 235 seats in its vidhansabha with 234 being elected while 1 is nominated from anglo India community. Tamil nadu is largely direct clash between two regional parties DMK and AIADMK while congress not having much of impact in the state. Since 1967 congress has never been in power in tamil nadu and DMK,AIADMK have governed the state since then.

In loksabha tamil nadu has 39 seats. DMK has been part of central government alliance since 13 years now. It was part of NDA as well as UPA!!!!!. Politically in era of collation it is important state which can decide on important question of  ‘who would form government in center in 2014′.


Census 2011 Tamil Nadu

2 thoughts on “Census 2011 Tamil Nadu

  • November 20, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Very interesting idea!

  • May 24, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    Still government of India did not publish the 2011 Census!!!! This is the answer i heard from the statistical department, Ooty.
    i went to collect the current data about population in Gudalur block, Nigiri dist, TamilNadu for ma research work. But the government officials does not have the idea about the data. they are telling government did not publish the 2011 Cencus. DO THEY NEED 2 YEARS TO PUBLISH A DATA?????? iam so sad because of our government officials. if u go to a government office to get a data They would make u stand for long time with out any intention. they will ask 1000000 questions and they will tell to us to come after 1 week. when we go after 1 week they would say, we dont have any data with us, go and meet another officer.!!!! They will not do any work rather than they have. Damn Indian Administrative system. i am showing my regret over here.

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