Chandni chowk loksabha election result 2014 (delhi)

Of all delhi lok sabha constituencies, Chandni chowk is one of the most looked for seat as some big leaders are contesting the election from it.

Senior congress leader and sitting MP Kapil sibal is challenged by Dr.Harsh wardhan – BJP’s CM candidate for recently held delhi assembly elections. AAP decided to field senior journalist and former employee of IBN, Mr.Ashutosh. AAP’s candidate is expected to do a spoil spot.

Trivia :
– Congress has won Chandni Chowk loksabha seat for 9 times. Kapil sibal is sitting MP for past two terms.
– BJP has won Chandni chowk loksabha constituency for only 3 times.
– Vijay goel of BJP was winning candidate for consecutive two elections held in 1998, 1999. Vijay goel was BJP’s CM candidate for delhi elections but was replaced Dr.Harshvardhan.
– Bharatiya Jana Sangh ( RSS ) and Janata party won Chandni chowk once each.
– Tv Actress and Senior woman politician from Bhartiya Janata Party had unsuccessfully contested from the seat in 2004.

Chandni chowk loksabha election result 2014
To be declared

Chandni chowk loksabha election result 2013
Kapil Sibal won with margin victory of 2,00,710 votes.

Rajkot (Gujarat) : Shocking Images

Caution : If you are below 18 please leave the post. The image shown below is horrible and shocking :

Shocking images coming from rajkot gujarat where five members of nepali family tried to commit suicide by setting self on fire using kerosene.These five people entered premise of rajkot municipal corporation and set themselves on fire.

The reason for their unfortunate act is controversial chotunagar common plot where demolition was being ordered by rajkot municipal corporation.

The incident has taken rajkot by strom and people fuelled by emotions have attacked bus and are reacting violently. Rajkot is highly tensed with the news and news is spreading like fire

Congress which is mostly short of issues in narendra modi’s gujarat has grabbed the opportunity and has called for rajkot bandh.

It is sad that people are trying to take political mileage out of human tragedy. I understand emotions are running high but can municipal corporation be blamed for demolition of something which looks illegal on prima facie?

Poverty , lack of resource is something which we need to deal with as society but at same time we must not carried away with emotions and let illegalities be licensed in name of poverty.

My sympathies with this nepali family but at same time I request congress of not trying to play cheap or opportunistic politics out of grave human tragedy.

Jab kisika khoon bheta hai , dard sabhi ko hota hai

chahe rajneeti ki roti koi bhi seke , qatla insaan ka hota hai.

Rajkot (Gujarat) : Shocking Images

Rajkot (Gujarat) : Shocking Images


Haridwar Census 2011 – Population Of Haridwar

Haridwar Census 2011 - Population Of Haridwar

Haridwar Census 2011 – Population Of Haridwar

What is population of Hardwar?

According to census 2011 the population of Hardwar is Nineteen lakhs , twenty seven thousand and twenty nine (19,27,029)

What is male population of Hardwar?

Male population of Hardwar is Ten lakhs , twenty five thousand , four hundred and twenty eight (10,25,428)

What is female population of Hardwar?

Female population of Hardwar is Nine lakhs , one thousand , six hundred and one (9,01,601)

What is gender ratio in Hardwar?

The gender ratio in Hardwar is among worst in India. The gender ratio in Hardwar is mere eight hundred and seventeen females per thousand males (817 females per 1000 males)

Between age group of 0-6 years , the gender ratio drops further. It is mere eight hundred and sixty nine girls per thousand boys (869 girls per 1000 boys)

What is rural population of Hardwar?

District Hardwar’s rural population according to census 2011 is Eleven lakhs , ninty nine thousand , one hundred and twenty six (11,99,126)

What is urban population of Hardwar?

Urban population of Hardwar according to census 2011 is Seven lakhs ,twenty seven thousand , nine hundred and three (7,27,903)

 How many MLA seats are there in Hardwar ?

There are 13 MLA (member of legislative assembly) seats in Hardwar loksabha consitutency district namely Roorkee ,Manglaur,Piran Kaliyar,Khanpur,Laksa,Bhaghwanpur,Jhabrera,BHEL Ranipur,Jwalapur,Haridwar,Haridwar Rural,Dharampur, Doiwala . Dharampur and doiwala assembly segments come in dehradun district.

How many MP seats are there from Hardwar District?

One parliamentary seat represent Hardwar district. Harish Rawat , Indian National Congress is member of parliament from Hardwar loksabha constituency.
Hardwar Census 2011 – Population of Hardwar

How Many Billionaires Are There In India?

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani

How Many Billionaire Are There In India?

India has one hundred and nine (109) number of billionaires. Their total wealth combined is one hundred and ninty billion dollars!!!!!!. India comes fifth in the list of highest number of billionaires.

Which is number one country is terms of most billionaires?

Inspite of economy not being great for usa since so many years , usa still leads in number of billionaires. With four hundred and eighty billionaires usa tops the list. Combined wealth of this 480 people is whopping $2.05 trillion dollars.

China comes second in list of billionaires with one hundred and forty seven billionaires with combined wealth of $380 billion . United Kingdom comes third in the list with one hundred and forty billionaires. Their combined wealth is more than china billionaires combined. Their combined wealth is $430 billion.

Germany comes forth in the list with one hundred and thirty seven people in list of billionaires. Their combined wealth is $550 billion (second only to usa billionaires combined wealth)

Russia with ninty seven billionaires (97) comes sixth in the list (India being fifth). Combined wealth of Russian billionaires is $380 billion. Hong kong with sixty four billionaires comes seventh in the list of billionaires. This 64 people have same wealth as 107 billionaires of India that is $190 billion.

Switzerland with Fifty seven (57) billionaires comes 8th in the list with combined wealth of $125 billion while Brazil with 49 billionaires comes 9th in the list but their combined wealth is whooping $300 billion.

Canada with forty billionaires in tenth in the list with combined wealth of $105 billion.

Our Take : It is good to have billionaires but at same time what it shows is unequal distribution of money . India has 107 billionaires but at same time it has highest number of poors in the world. We dont want only system of zameendaari back where very few at top lived like king (they still do) while bottom of pyramid barely survives…

Hypocrisy Of So Called Secular Political Parties On FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

Foreign Direct Investment & Mulayam Mayawati

Foreign Direct Investment & Mulayam Mayawati


On sunday 2nd dec there was discussion on NDTV on upcoming babri mashjid demolition anniversary. In that debate an ex congress mp put the Indian political and social scenario too simplistically and said there are two different Ideas of India . One is about secular India and another is about communal India (read hindutva) and we need to see that secular India is strengthened.

It is true that Idea of India has many division and two prominent ones are secular India and another is Idea of India in which a particular community is given preference. Something like Pakistan which is officially Islamic country and gives certain book (quran) and certain set of laws (sharia) as context of their constitution and how their citizens live their life.

There are many sections among Hindus who think that when sub continent was parted on basis of religion ,why Hinduism is not official faith?. Congress too has failed to answer and address their concerns and quiet often their voices are ignored by congress.

Instead of addressing concerns of sections of majority community , congress has very smartly used it to terrify minorities (Especially muslims) ,secularist (which form majority of hindus), dalits. Congress has used every opportunity to bring threat to Secular Idea of India to keep themselves in government .

Regional parties too have used same point to form alliances and see through many otherwise hopeless situation and thorny issues. Consider Foreign Direct Investment in multi branding issue.  Barring NCP,NC ,RJD most parties are against FDI in  multi branding retail. Samajwadi party had joined left , BJD ,JDUS in protesting against FDI multi branding on streets. Mamata Banerjee’s TMC pulled themselves out of UPA-2 on this issue and Behn Mayawati too opposed FDI in retail.

Logically government should loose vote on FDI since majority of people’s representative called MPs of various political parties are opposed to FDI but guess what?. It is less likely that government would loose vote on FDI in parliament. Behn mayawati indicated that she wont like to vote with BJP (often used term is communal taqaten).

Mulayam singh yadav too has not made his card public and says he would disclose it during voting in parliament. I wont be surprised if they too use communal taqaten card to remain absent or vote with government.

Now FDI is not religious issue. FDI is not about communal or secular. FDI is not about communal taqaten or Secular taqaten. FDI is about economics, about retailers,about farmers and aam junta . How is it logical to vote on basis of communal taqaten or secular taqaten?.

It is plain hypocrisy of so called secular parties on FDI. It is fooling people in name of communal or secularism and getting political mileage on it. Unfortunate for the country because governing is not just about secularism . It is about justice,law and order,growth,lack of corruption , prosperity and addressing citizen concerns too.Isnt it?