How many jawaan got martyred in Jammu & Kashmir?

Jawaan Martyred In Jammu and Kashmir

Jawaan Martyred In Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is one of most important states of India. Important because we have fought 3 wars and one limited war with neighboring country called pakistan and jammu & kashmir is one of thorny aspect in our relationship with pakistan.

Pakistan backed terrorism is pro active in jammu and kashmir since russians went away from afghanistan. Since 1989 our soldiers and brave police of kashmir are fighting with terrorist of kashmir. In line of duty many have given their lives till date.

We salute courage  ,determination of our jawaans . It is their self less love for our country which have kept out nation secure till date. We owe our freedom ,self respect to them.

Let us look at jammu and kashmir violence trend :


Jammu & Kashmir Violence Trend

Year Incident Security Forces Killed Civilians Killed Terrorists Killed
2005 1990 189 557 917
2006 1667 151 389 591
2007 1092 110 158 472
2008 708 75 91 339
2009 499 79 71 239
2010 488 69 47 232
2011 340 33 31 100

Above mentioned figures are from ministry of home affairs. As seen in above table the situation is jammu and kashmir has improved in last six years . In 2005 we have had One thousand nine hundred and ninety incidents (1990) and 189 security force personnels got shahid (martyred) in line of duty and 557 civilians too lost their lives while 917 terrorist got killed in the process.

While in 2011 the number of incidents have come down to 340. India lost 33 of its brave sons while 31 of its citizens. 100 terrorist got killed in the 2011 in jammu and kashmir.2012 figures are still awaited but going by trend the things are improving.

With usa leaving afghanistan in 2014 ,it would remain to be seen about impact it has on jammu and kashmir. Right now terror factory of pakistan is over occupied but once americans leave , they might be back to business!!!!!!!!!!1.

Lashkar ae toyba chief hafiz saeed has already said that terrorism would once again rise in kashmir in coming days.

As long as we have brave soldiers guarding us ,we are safe but at same time we have to make sure that we back our soliders and stand with families of marytrs.Jai hind.

Afzal Guru Hanged

Afzal Guru Hanged

Afzal Guru Hanged

Afzal Guru Hanged. Finally its over for afzal guru. The man who was master mind of parliament attack in 2001 , was hanged today inside tihar jail at 8 am.

Parliament terror attack happened in 2001 was attack on very temple of Indian democracry and Nine security personnel, including five policemen, were killed when suspected Pakistan-backed terrorists had attacked Parliament.

Afzal Guru was found guilty for attack on parliament attack ten years back and afzal guru had filed mercy petition in 2006 and it took seven long years to bring him to justice.

The chief minister of jammu and kashmir ,omar abdullah was kept in the loop and curfew has been declared as precautionary measures in few towns of kashmir.

Afzal guru’s family was not informed of hanging of afzal but once he got hanged his family was informed about it. As per law it is not compulsory for government to inform the family of culprit before he/she is hanged.

Politically afzal’s hanging would come as big relieve to congress who has always been seen as being soft on terror. Afzal guru was not being hanged since so many years because of fear of congress about reactions in valley .

Also recently Indian Home minister’s saffron terror statement has pushed congress of back foot and it is expected that BJP would attack shinde in budget session .

Congress wants to do away with its image of being soft on terror and take attack to the opposition on what it calls is “saffron terror”.

It would be to be seen how political games are played in coming times on afzal guru but today let us congratulate government of India , NDA (for continued pressure on government) and Omar abdullah (for managing law and order in kashmir) on this hanging of afzal guru. Special thanks to president of India Mr pranab mukherjee for rejecting the mercy petition of afzal guru.

Today we as nation got justice and finally the soul of brave men and women who died protecting parliament would rest in peace.

26/11 Verdict : Tahawwur Rana Jailed For 14 Years

Tahawwur Rana Sentencing

Tahawwur Rana Sentencing

Tahawwur Rana today was sentenced to 14 years in jail by court in chicago , usa. Tahawwur Rana’s lawyer had demanded 9 years imprisonment citing his ill health while prosecution had asked for 30 years of imprisonment.

Tahawwur Rana would also be on five year observation after he completes his 9 years of imprisonment.


Tahawwur Hussain Rana is pakistan born canadian who was accused of involvement in 26/11 mumbai terror attack but he was found not guilty in direct involvement . However he was found guilty of supporting lashkar ae toyba and and planning an aborted plot to bomb the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Tahawwur Rana was officer in Pakistan army once but he deserted his country after he refused to take posting in siachen glacier. He however maintained contact with major iqbal (one of handlers of headley).

Tahawwur Rana’s lawyer claimed that since Rana was interested in getting back to pakistan , he had contacted major iqbal . Major iqbal promised to help him out provided tahawwur Rana helps headley to get into Pakistan and India. Headley used cover of Tahawwur Rana’s immigration business to enter India.




List Of Banned Terror Organizations In India

List Of Terror Groups In India

List Of Terror Groups In India

Terrorism . One of biggest threat/problem which India faces is terrorism. Various groups believing in various ideology using modus of violence to achieve their ideological goals.

In India there are primarily two kinds of terror groups. First one is group which wants their region/state to get free from India. Such groups are religion dominating groups like lashkar ae toyba , jaish , khalistan or ethnic based groups like tamil nadu liberation army , various north east groups.

Another kind of terror group is maoist who rather than wanting to break away from India want to change the system by using violence and establish one party governance in India similar to what mao did in china.

S.No.                   Organisation
1. Babbar Khalsa International
2. Khalistan Commando Force
3. Khalistan Zindabad Force
4. International Sikh Youth Federation
5. Lashkar-e-Taiba/Pasban-e-Ahle Hadis
6. Jaish-e-Mohammad/Tahrik-e-Furqan
7. Harkat-ul-Mujahideen/Harkat-ul-Ansar/Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islami
8. Hizb-ul-Mujahideen/ Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Pir Panjal Regiment
9. Al-Umar-Mujahideen
10. Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Front
11. United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA)
12. National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)
13. People’s Liberation Army (PLA)
14. United National Liberation Front (UNLF)
15. People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK)
16. Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP)
17. Kanglei Yaol Kanba Lup (KYKL)
18. Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF)
19. All Tripura Tiger Force
20. National Liberation Front of Tripura
21. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
22. Students Islamic Movement of India
23. Deendar Anjuman
24 Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) — People’s War, All its formations and front organizations
25. Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), All its formations and Front Organisations
26. Al Badr
27. Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen
28. Al-Qaida
29 Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DEM)
30. Tamil Nadu Liberation Army (TNLA)
31. Tamil National Retrieval Troops (TNRT)
32. Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekta Samaj (ABNES)
33. Organisations listed in the Schedule to the U.N. Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (Implementation of Security Council Resolutions) Order,2007 made under section 2 of the United Nations (Security Council) Act, 1947 (43 of 1947) and amended from time to time
34. Communist Party of India (Maoist) all its formations and front organisations
35. Indian Mujahideen and all its formations and front organisations


Who Is Mustafa Kamal?

Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal

Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal is younger brother of  Dr Farooq Abdullah and uncle of present chief minister of jammu and kashmir , Mr Omar Abdullah . He is Member Of Legislative Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir.

He is known for his controversial comments.  He had alleged Army of orchestrating  grenade blasts that were targeted on security establishments in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also irked their collation partner in kashmir and center (congress) by making statement on congress’s prince Mr Rahul Gandhi.

Few days back he landed himself in huge controversy by dubbing India as enemy of Kashmir and claimed that India doesnot want to go on ‘no war’ pact with Pakistan.

Today again mustafa kamal has found himself in controversy. The Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist and master mind of Indian parliament attack , afzal guru was convicted according to mustafa kamal because he is muslim!!!!!!!!!. Now can mustafa kamal enlighten all of us that in nation which has 18 crore plus population of muslims and muslims being part of each and every entity of government and society , why did government of India chose afzal guru only?. Why did government target mustafa himself if being muslim was only criteria to convict?

What a foolish comment to make. Afzal was convicted on basis of evidence provided to the court and afzal guru is not alleged for ordinary crime . He is master mind of attack on very soul of Indian democracy , that is parliament.

Mustafa kamal needs crash course on Indianess. I hope his collation partner and self proclaimed secularist , congress would give him so gyaan of trusting our legal system and not viewing from narrow prism of religion when it comes to national security.