Amar Singh …Naam to suna hoga?. From business man to politicians, amar singh five years back was everywhere. Whether it was some bollywood award function or taking trip with baade bhaiya big b to religious place or being with anil dhiru bhai ambani on trip together, amar singh was like man who knew everyone who is anyone is corporate world , in political world and in entertainment world.

Today the man is in tihar jail on charges of being key conspirator in cash for votes scam. BJP mps flashed cash in parliament way back in 2008 when upa-1 went for confidence motion. LEFT had pulled the plug leaving upa-1 looking for support from other quarters.

Soon amar singh chipped in and upa-1 managed to get the votes that they needed. BJP accused them of trying to buy their MPs and CNN-IBN was involved in sting operation.

Maamla seemed to have gone rafa dafa with UPA winning elections again (trust our voters to choose corrupted government and make them graduated into most corrupted government ever) . But did voters have any better alternatives. Answer is probably no.

Coming back to point maamla came back from cold storage and finally amar singh was arrested and put into tihar jail. Once right hand man of mulayam singh yadav , amar is no more in samajwadi party and member of famous standing committee who would see lok pal bill , is now in jail. Ironically standing committee has chara prasad yadav too in it!!!!

Jayaprada went to tihar jail to meet amar singh . She said that if amar opens his mouth , many people would get into trouble. It is but obvious that amar singh was not saving himself or mulayam singh yadav when he tried to buy votes of BJP Mps by bribing them. Whom was he saving?. Obviously UPA-1. Now in blunt language , amar singh was acting mere as agent for upa-1 . So if agent has gone to jail what about people who got benefited from the whole exercise?. Why there is no inquiry on upa-1 and prime minister of India as well as sonia gandhi? .Why nobody hasĀ  tried to find out whether they too we some way or another involved in the scam?

Secondly why is amar singh silent?. What was the deal between amar singh and congress ?. What amar singh acting from ‘work now and get benefit later’ mode or was he working for samajwadi party who had striked some deal with upa-1?. Has this anything to do with CBI inquiry on mulayam singh yadav?. There are many ifs and buts , this and thats, aisa bhi ,vaisa bhi in the whole ‘cash for vote’ scam.

We can know that only if amar singh opens his mouth but for that he would have to plead guilty and right now he is claiming to be innocent. There was an madukar bhandarkar’s movie called corporate. Amar singh seems to be bipasha basu in the whole scam but what about KKs , Rajivs and Rajs?. UPA-1 was saved and people voted them back which is reality but there is some unknown reality too out here. Would we ever come to know?. Only time can tell. As of now Mr Amar singh is paying price for his own doing and he seems to be all alone fighting his own battle which he might end up losing.

Cash For Vote Scam : Why Is Amar Singh Not Speaking Up?

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