Andrew Symonds
Andrew Symonds


I had to write this and most cricket followers saw it coming. ANDREW SYMONDS has retired from all formats of game with immediate implementation.  He wont be playing IPL Season 5 for mumbai Indian.

Andrew Symonds was one of best utility player specially in shorter format of the game . He could ball spin , he was awesome fielder and most importantly he was brutal with the bat. Single handily he could turn the tide of the game and demolish any balling attack.

Andrew symonds was known for his batting on field and attitude issues off the field. His most most or infamous incident occured with Harbhajan singh. Called as monkey gate controversy , the after effects of the controversy made symonds career short. It was after this incident that symonds showed attitude issues more frequently.

He felt australian board didnt support him to level he expected and bowed down to financial power of BCCI. When clarke led in series , in absence of  Ricky Pointing , symonds stayed aloof. So much so that he went fishing instead of team meeting. His ‘gone fishing’ episode was much published and talked about.

Life threw surprise to symonds when he was hired by mumbai Indians for IPL and he played along with Harbhajan singh . The aggressive duo managed to clear grudges and work together as team. Ironically  symonds said “It is with regret that I will not be able to fulfil my final year of the IPL with the Mumbai Indians,”

Mumbai Indians and the IPL have both been very supportive of me, but the impending arrival of my first child is a priority.

As symonds retire , I wonder whether his talent like sohaib akhtar didn’t get utilized fully?.  Symonds could have achieved far more that what his present stats says. He can easily be listed as one of most dangerous player in onedays and twenty twenty. He would have reached height unprecedented in his career.

Now since he retires , I wish him well for his second innings in life…

Andrew Symonds Retires – Waste of Talent?

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