Ahmedabad Census 2011
Ahmedabad Census 2011

What is population of Ahmedabad?

According to census 2011 the population of Ahmedabad is Seventy two lakhs eight thousand and two hundred.(72,08,200)

What is male population of Ahmedabad?

Male population of Ahmedabad is Thirty Seven Lakhs Eighty Seven thousand and fifty. (37,87,050)

What is female population of Ahmedabad?

Female population of Ahmedabad is Thirty Four Lakhs Twenty One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty. (34,21,150)

What is gender ratio in Ahmedabad?

The gender ratio in Ahmedabad Nine Hundred and Three Female per Thousand Males.(903 females per 1000 males).Gujarat is total paradox as far as gender ratio is concerned. It is developed state with good per capita income. It worships feminine power and have nine nights dedicated to ambe maa and at same time it has among worst gender ratio. Between age group of 0-6 years Eight hundred and fifty nine girls per thousand boys.(859 girls per 1000 males).

What is rural population of Ahmedabad?

District Ahmedabad’s rural population according to census 2011 is Eleven lakhs forty nine thousand four hundred and thirty six (11,49,436)

What is urban population of Ahmedabad?

Urab population of Ahmedabad is Sixty lakhs fifty eight thousand seven hundred and sixty four (60,58,764).

How many MLA seats are there in Ahmedabad ?

There are 17 MLA seats in ahmedabad. BJP dominates the city with 15 seats out of 17 MLA seats in recently held elections

How many MP seats are there from Ahmedabad?

Two parliamentary seat represents Ahmedabad.


Ahmedabad Census 2011(Population Of Ahmedabad)

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