I had written an article on social evils in India. In that article I had mentioned dowry as one of social evils which India needs to fight and eradicate totally. I had many comments on that article. The comments which amazed me most where from blind patriots. Now I am proud Indian. Very proud one. I love my motherland very much. It is my love for my country that makes me maintain this blog itself.

Now being in love with someone for me means being concerned about them at same time. Being proud of something for me doesnot mean turning blind eye towards betterment of same thing. For me India is one of best nations that humans have ever seen. The rich heritage , the continuous civilization , the people ….India has been home to all religions and some of best thoughts have come from India is philosophy. India is not just land , it is ground where human thoughts evolved and prospered.

Unfortunately in same land which is only place where god is also feminine and female power is worshipped twice a year in form of navratris , the same land has pathetic track record in treatment of women in many parts of India.

Let us look at some of shocking documented facts

-> 2 million daughters where killed in last 20 years in form of gender based abortion or killing at time of birth. ‘Missing Daughters of India’ is one of the tragic reality which we conveniently try to forget. Unfortunately in some places of India the social evil still prevails and no matter how much economically we have prospered this evil refuses to die.

Now let us look at national crime report published by Indian Home Ministry. In year 2010 total reported dowry deaths was 8391!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now this is approximately 30% more than deaths dowry caused in 2009…So as we are evolving every year in becoming better economy , gadgets,cars , a section of society wants all goodies at cost of their in laws and are trying to use short cuts by getting money from their in laws to elevate their financial status!!!!!!!!

Dowry for me is worst crime in relationship. If man doesnot have guts to take care of his responsibility of his family , wife , future kids and wants his inlaws to do what he is supposed to do , how does that man have right to get married?. When dowry gets involved in marriage , it is no more union of two souls but it is business. Plain business , when man marries a woman , gets money from in laws for her stay , her food and giving her , his name. Woman on other hand is supposed to bear kids , take care of her husband and also pay money for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Pathetic….

Ironically laws against dowry are in placed since 1960s now but still we see dowry deaths…Why?. Why law has failed ?. Some issues are too deep rooted and needs proactive measures from society at large. Role of parents of bride too is very important out here. When one gives money in exchange of marriage , it is likely that more demand for money can come in future. Instead of bowing down to so called social practice what we need is empowerment of woman . I hope this 8391 lives dont go in vain and serve as wake up call for all those who have daughters….

8391 Dowry Deaths in 2010 – Shameful Statistics

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  • March 24, 2013 at 10:53 am

    I’m doing a historical investigation for 9th grade in America for the I.B program. Even though i’m a SriLankan, we have learned about India and it’s caste program. The most thing that has interested me was Dowry death. I’m gathering sources and such for my assignment, and I appreciate India, even when i’m Asian. The movies by Tamil Nadu is awesome :), I will use this article for my investigation essay, to say that Dowry Death should stop and could it be prevented

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