Sine Die – Rajyasabha Natak Must Not See Lok Pal Being Sine Die

Lalu's Man Hijacking Rajya Sabha

Lalu's Man Hijacking Rajya Sabha


Read in news that Ram Gopal Varma is making movie on 26/11 . Well Ramu has another good story to make movie. What happened yesterday in Rajya Sabha could make most of script writers of bollywood envy government’s think tank. Sine DieRajya sabha adjourned sine die. Adjournment sine die  means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”. To adjourn an assembly sine die is to adjourn it for an indefinite period. A legislative body adjourns sine die when it adjourns without appointing a day on which to appear or assemble again.

For those who ridiculed , criticized Anna Hazare , his team and anna hazare movement might be clear by now that if anna movement was not there , if people of country wont have backed the movement we wont have got bill in parliament to start with. Yesterday’s great drama in rajya sabha shows intent of our politicians and after 11 versions of bill right from 1968 , it doesnot need some one to be Rocket Scientist to understand that this bill is something which is not wanted by parliament .

Congress led upa showed yesterday why they keep winning inspite of having huge corruption charges since days of Nehru. Just look at list of few of scams

1) Jeep scam came out in 1948

2) LIC scam during nehru regime

4) Indira gandhi earns distinguish status by becoming first prime minister which court finds guilty of using state machinery for polls.

5) Rajiv gandhi’s regime alleged in bofors scam

6) Narshima Rao government involved in cash for vote scam (JMM scam)

7) UPA-1 accused of cash for vote scam

8) The mother of all scams , 2G scam unearthed during upa-2 regime

9) Common wealth games scam unearthed

Ironically in spite of all the scam allegation upa might go on winning elections 2014 and form upa-3!!!!!!!!!. How and why was displayed in Rajya Sabha yesterday.

In recent television debate , an expert commented that in long run , politicians can out smart any one and it seems that was the case. Seeing public pressure , government formed joint committee and called anna hazare and team to be part of it.

Anna fumed again and this time movement was bigger , government did sent its minister to give sense of house and promised to get bill passed in winter session. They lived their promise but with bill which is much different than promised. Government gets bill passed in lok sabha but has scripted drama in rajya sabha and Rajya sabhi is sine die!!!!!!!!!!!

By getting bill passed in lok sabha , government is blaming opposition for Lok Pal bill status. Entire blame has been put on opposition while government is projecting themselves as champion of the bill!!!!!!!

Opposition on other hand too don’t seem to be too keen on the bill. BJP promising constitutional status in all party meet , goes back on promise and votes against it. Their argument is that since lok pal bill is already weak but by disallowing it to have constitutional status , they are weakening it further!!!!!!!!. Bill can be amended but once a body has constitutional status , it become different ball game , altogether.

Agreed government should have been more considerate in considering amendments suggested by opposition . One cant bull doze bill and expect opposition to co operate when one doesnot have numbers for getting constitutional status or getting bill passed in Rajyasabha.

But would this effect congress anyways?..No it wont…They gave loli pop to anna and people of India and now they would go out to people saying we talked with team anna , we passed bill in lok sabha but it is opposition which were not interested in passing the bill.

Corruption is not issue in elections , if it would have been we would not have had current state of corruption. We wont have had great congress party getting turned into family own enterprise with heritage of being accused of corruption . We wont have had Yeddy or shibu soren or lalus in active politics.

It is sad that we are back to place where we started. Though government promises to have bill again in budget session , I am not confident about the bill getting passed. The low turn out in anna’s latest dharna shows something. It shows that politicians prevailed and they would prevail unfortunately.

As 2011 ends I hope that Rajyasabha Natak Must Not See Lok Pal Being Sine Die…

Anna Fiasco? : Govt Forced to bring bill can never be fiasco!!!!!!!

Anna Hazare Fiasco?

Anna Hazare Fiasco?

Anna came , anna saw and anna took India by storm. Anna -1 saw people sit up and taking notice while Anna-2 anshan saw people taking on streets in huge numbers and this made parliament taking notice!!!!!!!!, but third anshan has not been the kind of numbers which anna team and entire media, people of India expected. In contrast to expectation of 50,000 people , hardly 5000 turned up.

Congress’s unofficial spokes man Mr digvijay singh was quick to take dig on latest numbers of crowd in MMRDA ground asking where are lakhs which team anna claimed. Many critics and experts joined in to dismantle about why numbers dropped . Some went on to call this as fiasco..

Is it fiasco?. It is true that number dropped and it seems anna team overestimated crowd number. May be they got the timing wrong. May be their campaign against congress added political flavor to the movement . There are many maybes which can be discussed.

But is Anna Movement a fiasco?. Answer is NO and why?. The bill is right now 11th version and this version no matter whether one believes is strong or weak , it is accepted fact by most experts that this version wont have come to parliament if Anna Movement wont have been there.

Government extending session to get a bill passed itself proves how successful anna wave has been. I understand congress wants to take mileage out of bill by claiming that in 2010 they thought about the idea but truth is that if people of this country wont have supported 74 year old man and backed him, bill wont have been discussed in the parliament even today.

Anna Hazare is truly 2011 person of the year. The man proved what genuine cause , impeccable track record and will can do in the country. No matter how much dynasty politics makes congress give every credit to nehru clan , the credit for getting corruption on center stage of India goes to ANNA HAZARE.

There are lot of die hard congress supporters and liberals who ridicule anna. There are lot of people who also question his way. There are lot of people who criticize him but 2011 would go down in history where people of India made their displeasure towards corrupted regime and more importantly corrupted system felt and lot of credit goes to Anna Hazare for making it possible.

For me anna’s way can be debated , discussed , even his version of lok pal can be questioned but we need to give anna his due. I salute anna for all that you have done to bring new zeal , new hope and new determination among us to fight the corruption…Jai Hind…


Lok Pal Debate In Lok Sabha – Its More About Politics Than Bill

Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare


Before I write any thing else first lest us look at brief history of lok pal bill.

The Lokpal bill was first introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968 and passed the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969. But before it could be passed by Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha was dissolved and the bill lapsed. The Subsequent versions were re-introduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and in 2008, but none of them passed.

If Lok Pal would have been name of some movie we would have had the name of latest version as Lok Pal -11 or Lok Reloaded or The Grand Saga Of Lok Pal!!!!!!!!…governments and governments kept changing but fate of this bill didnt seem to be changed till ANNA HAZARE entered the scene…

Under pressure from people of India , government finally brought a bill which is called as lok pal bill . Government also got parliament session extended and today , this is 27th december 2011 parliament of India is being debating on the bill.

In principal like every Indian , every parliament across the party lines says that they want strong lok pal bill. Only exception here is Shiv Sena who opposes formation of any such body . All political parties involved in the debate claim that they have been fighting against corruption and are in support of strongest possible lok pal bill.

Now what does it mean to be strong?…Every party has different views on it which is their right like every citizen has right to have his/her view. As I was listening to debate , BJP talked about how this bill is against constitution since it interferes in state’s right , JDU objected on perception of all government employees being corrupt , Left too wants amendment while Congress believes this is best bill possible.

Prime Minister did speak on number of aspects including CBI . He believes that independent CBI is needed but it needs to be accountable and not under lok pal.

Lalu wanted and got Minority reservation in lok pal panel which BJP objected. Mulayam singh yadav too opposed government version .

Listening to the debate it seems that LOK PAL DEBATE has become more of party politics than about the bill. The inherent theme behind lok pal is fighting corruption which seems to be more or less missing. Agreeing on principal is one thing while practically?

From debate of parliament it seems clear that parliamentarians are more interested in scoring political points than bringing lok pal . Experts believe that government would make sure the bill passes any how and Rajya sabha where they dont have majority , the bill will fall. This would make government blame opposition and achieve its goal of ‘LOOKING SERIOUS’ about corruption and bringing strongest lok pal bill.

So what did anna hazare movement achieved so far?. Since march it did make country sit and hope. It did make government atleast show it is serious though symbolic and most importantly it made parliament discuss about corruption at least 3 times in current year!!!!!!!


RSS : Congress’s Saviour!!!!!!!!!!

Digivijay Singh With Nanaji Deshmukh

Digivijay Singh With Nanaji Deshmukh

Digvijay Singh is one weapon which congress keeps using right,left,center. The man who is general secretary of congress is also the man who is congress’s unofficial spokesperson when ever it comes to Kishan Baburao Hazare aka Anna HazareDiggi’s favorite word is RSS aka Rastriya Swayamsevak sangh . Whenever congress led UPA is in pressure , in comes Diggi and the first word which comes to his mouth is RSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna hazare the social activist has brought government to level it belongs too and that is being representative of people and not the queens/kings or yuvrajs.

It is understandable that politics of India which is run by parties through money power, muscle power , corporate donations would feel uneasy to have powerful anti corruption body.Also our netas have governed us as if they own us and now people of the country are asking questions. How can world’s largest democracy tolerate that?. Isn’t it privilege of our netas to rule us , to make laws for us and even earn money from various means to support their political goals?

Now some social activist called anna hazare entered the scene and proposed a law, how can government see that?

UPA 2 has had terrible time since they came back to power. Scams after scams after scams saw their credibility hit. If that was not enough , price hikes in petrol and necessary commodities saw aam aadmi’s  already burdened life become over burdened.

Troubled from all quarters , Congress decided to go on offensive against Anna Hazare and his team. Attacking kiran bedi , arvind kerjriwal , Prashant bhushan , shanti bhushan and now even anna hazare!!!!!!!!!

Digvijay singh has been leading the fight back by accusing team anna to be RSS’s plan. By doing that diggi wants to achieve two chief goals. One is to take steam out of Anna’s movement and second which is most important is making sure that traditional vote bank of congress remains intact.

RSS is one word which congress keeps using and using and using. It wont be wrong to say that RSS is congress’s saviour in political terms. Using name of RSS congress aims to secure votes while using name of secularism allows congress to tie up with any one under the sun!!!!!!!

What is that people of India is large numbers supported Anna Hazare for?. A strong anti graft bill which is called JAN LOK PAL BIll. Now does it matter whether RSS is supporting anna or not?. What we are here discussing is lok pal bill and not who is in movement thing.

If RSS is such a huge problem for UPA and they sincerely believe that RSS ideology is dangerous , UPA has every power to ban RSS , why doesnot they do that?

Coming to anna and his team , if UPA believes that ANNA is RSS agent and team anna too has corrupted people in it , what has it to do with JAN LOK PAL?. Why cant India have strongest anti graft bill ?

But UPA is neither interested in banning RSS nor are interested in genuinely inquiring team anna members. UPA seems to be interested in using RSS name as its saviour.

For RSS it needs to introspect that how come their name causes listening which can be used by congress to get away with its corruption and mis governance?

Congress seems to underestimate intellect of minorities. Corruption is issue which is totally secular in its execution. It doesnot care who bribes them , muslim or hindu , what it cares is bribe!!!!!!!!!!!

As anna goes on yet another fast let us see what diggi keeps tweeting and if in 2014 upa again comes into power , they must thank RSS for it…RSS seems to be congress’s saviour!!!!!!!!!!!

New Year Greetings -2012- Tribute To National Heros



New Year Greetings 2012 Anna Hazare Mahatma Gandhi



New Year Greeting 2012 Bhagat Singh



New Year Greetings 2012 Sardar Patel



New Year Greetings 2012 Netaji



New Year Greeting 2012 Rani Laxmi Bai



2011 is getting over in ten days..What a year it was. Year of protest , year where nation stood behind one man. The man known as Anna Hazare. The man who has 40 years of track record of public service and man who took bull by horns.

There are many critics of Anna Hazare . They question his backing, they question his intent , they question his ways . Well one can question many things but one thing which even die hard critic of Anna Hazare must admit is contribution of Anna Hazare is bringing the CORRUPTION issue on center stage and literally forcing the parliament and government to make LOK PAL BILL (weak or strong at least bill pending since 40 yrs might become reality soon).

Year 2011 would go down in history of India as very eventful year. People of India finally said enough is enough and came down to streets. Though UPA claims that anna lacks public support in comparison to MPs , well anna wave saw swayambhu public support and not paid ones as seen in political rallies.

I am not saying that what ever anna team says and believe is perfect but if given a choice if we need to trust , whom do we trust?. There is a man with 40 years of track record of self less service and on other side we have scam after scam being churned out by government…Whom do we trust and back?…

Yes one may disagree with anna but without public pressure lok pal bill would turn out to be like cvc or cag which can make headlines but cant do much.

Yes there are concerns about what if lok pal body itself becomes corrupted?..Fair concern , we can have safe guards for that but if one thing stands between dream of subhash , mahatma, bhagat singh , sardar and thousands of leaders , millions of patriots who sacrificed their lives or career for freedom, that one thing is CORRUPTION.

As we enter 2012 , I invite all nation loving people to have background for 2012 as year of service. It is not about protesting or coming down to streets only , it is taking only one action with context of serving the nation. It may be doing our jobs well or supporting a child in education or any thing.

I hope year 2012 would be year of not just rising India for its rights but also for marching India towards its dream…Jai Hind…