Jan Lok Pal Bill : One Liners On Recent Anna’s Arrest

1)A notice board in a conference room says – “Please keep your cell phones on Manmohan Singh mode.”.

2) Anna Arrests Government!!!!!!!!- Headlines from news channel

3) Rishte mein to hum sabke anna lagte hain , naam hai kishan baburao hazare

4) Government Lok Pal Bill Is Jokepal Bill – Arvind Kejriwal

5) Bande mein hai dum , government bedum- Headlines from news channel

6) Delhi police badnaam hui , upa tere liye

7) Hum jahan khaade ho jaate hain , anshan vahin se shuru ho jaata hai

8) Sonia bina chen kahan re , sonia bina chen kahan re…rahul nahi , anthony nahi ,diwedi nahi , aare sonia chahiye

9) In morning of 16th august anna was considered to be threat for law and order by delhi police , in evening at 7 pm , anna no more was threat to law and order.Delhi police is fastest is changing threat perception.

10) Anna has become bigger than rajnikant…Only anna can arrest government!!!!!!!

11) Dr Manmohan singh read Digvijay singh’s speech in parliament today

12) S.M.Krishna when asked about anna hazare’s arrest is said to have told reporters that he is in touch with pakistan foreign minister and prime minister and has requested them to be linent with anna!!!!!!

13) Deve gowda thought anna was name of maharathi hero!!!!!!!

14) UPA2 is considering hiring advisors from anna’s team for 2014 elections…

15) Missing – Rahul Gandhi , the man who loves to go on dharnas where opposition parties are at power.

16) Missing – Manish tewari , said to be taking notes of mannerism

17) UPA does self goal – headline from rediff

18) PM- Mere paas sarkar hai , police hai , party hai , tumhaare paas kya hai

Anna- Mere paas janta hai….


Jan Lok Pal Bill Is Step 1 : Ignite Fire Called Anna Hazare Within Us

Yesterday I was sitting with one of supporters and participant in jayprakash narayan’s movement during emergency. He is supporting present anna hazare movement too.

He said some very important and relevant thing. He said that there is jayprakash narayan in every generation , for every generation.

He is right. If we look from 1857 to 2011 , we have had many leaders which took a stand. Stand against injustice , stand for freedom , stand against corruption , stand against democratic congress turning into dictator in seventies.

Time and Again we have seen a trend ,a cycle. Trend where ruler or government has played with patience of people. Then we have had some one standing up declaring enough is enough, people joining in. Ruler or government tying to use force to subdue the movement. Movement getting more stronger. Government giving in and then goal seems to be achieved.

But is it?. Let us see whose who of JP Movement of seventies. They formed new government in center with JP not taking part in it. Government was soon history and in came highly powerful but accused of high corruption Mrs Indira Gandhi back to power. The woman who shamed democracy by imposing emergency was back because previous regime could not handle power!!!!!!!!!!

Did things change?. Well as far as imposing emergency is concerned. Yes. No government would dare to impose emergency but as far as corruption is concerned , we have gone from being primary students to PHDs. From scams worth lakhs ,we graduated into crores and now less than thousand crores seems not worth a scam!!!!!!!!!!!

Governance has still remained same. We need to pay to babus , santris , mantris to get job done and depending on the job , money is demanded.

Today in 2011 , we have another man who has taken stand . Stand against corruption. He has also proposed how to crush corruption with his jan lok pal bill.

I agree with most of its clauses barring few and I believe that implementation of jan lok pal bill would contribute to curb corruption. Anna Hazare is speaking what our so called representatives aren’t.

Anna Hazare has not participated in elections as candidate but today he has more support from people than our so called elected representatives.

Government arrested anna hazare yesterday. They were not aware what kind of blunder they were doing. Their arrogance as seen by congress spokesperson like manish tewari , manu is causing them more harm day by day.

Yes people of India did choose them to govern. Yes people of India voted for them back to back but that doesnot mean they get right to churn our one scam after another and arrest a man who is standing against corruption!!!!!!!

People came down to streets and government conceded . Dr Manmohan singh (for those who dont know , he is official prime minister of India and not sonia gandhi or rahul gandhi) , made statement in parliament and justified arrest. He also made one very important point and that is that it is sole right of parliament to make laws.

Dr Manmohan singh is right. In democracy it is right of parliament to make laws but what is parliament? . It is representative of people. What laws can they make?. Laws which are beneficiary to country and its citizens. Now how does weak lok pal bill help cause of country and people?. Making weak laws , having loop holes in that , does that serve any purpose?

Parliament has made 29 laws to curb corruption till date. Has that decreased corruption?. We had bofors scam which was not even worth of 100 crores during eighties and now we have scam worth 1,70,000 crores!!!!!!!!. Even if we adjust bofors scam with inflation and rate it with current times , 2g still beats it by many miles…

We need jan lok pal bill to be passed by parliament. Yes we may debate on various clauses and implement with consensus.  But jan lok pal bill is step 1. We have had rani laxmi bai, lala lajpat rai, lokmaniya tilak , mahatma gandhi, jayprakash narayan and now we have anna hazare.

If we want this country to realize its destiny , one bill is just a mile stone. It is mere a step 1. We need to ignite anna hazare within us. We need to be more concerned as citizen of India. We need to ask question and keep asking them. We need to make alert citizen as way of our lives. We need to debate on every issue which effects our country. We need to make country as part of our daily life.

or else

We would see another anna hazare or jayprakash rising 25 years in some 2036 and we would still be dealing with same questions , same problems,same issue. We would be still dealing with politicians who have forgotten that real rulers are people of INDIA and they are just been assigned job and their job is to represent us .