Life : Hope, Dreams , Achievement but Uncertain!!!!!!

Today as I was on my way to my office , one of my school’s friend called me up. I saw my phone ringing but since I was in traffic , I decided to call him back once I reach office. But my friend was persistent , so I stopped my vehicle and picked the phone up.

His voice had sense of urgency. I had not met him since I left school and that is 16 years back. We have talked twice on phone in last 3 months since he got my phone number from some one. We had promised to meet anytime soon but in today’s hectic life , we could not manage to meet.

Coming back to phone call , he asked me to immediately reach leading hospital . Our another friend had met with an accident and was in ICU. He had sustained head injury. Chirag ( Friend who met accident) was considered to be one of future big names is cardiology surgery. Affable chirag is fun loving guy who is master is spreading love and joy were ever he goes. His patients love him and his great attitude made him find himself as assistant of number one cardio surgeon of gujarat.

As call ended , chirag’s image came to my mind. I haven’t met him since 16 years. Had talked with him few months back and we had planned to visit our school some day and get some get together event planned and implemented. I was excited to find him again and wanted to meet him. Little did I know , I would rush to ICU and wont even be able to see him.

Chirag was brilliant as student and more importantly wonderful as human being. He is always there for friends and strangers alike. He is fun loving guy and wonderful son , friend and doctor.

He is highly successful in his career and on highway of success. His academic career was exceptional and his life is full of hope , dreams and achievements.

With all kinds of thoughts coming to my mind , I reached the hospital. There I met two another school mates , one of them is doctor. We went inside but were not allowed to enter ICU. We did inquire about his health to his wife and next 72 hours would be crucial.

While coming out of hospital , I wondered how uncertain life is. Life is unpredictable and most of us think , we always have tomorrow to live life!!!!!!!!!. One may be industrialist or worker , one may be doctor or ward boy , one may be I.T. professional or property manager , but we share one thing in common and that is uncertainties of life.

As I monitor chirag’s condition and hope for best , voice of 17 year old chirag echos in my ears. “Life is short , we must keep working for our future but at same time we must enjoy every moment of life, one never knows whether there is tomorrow or not” . You are right chirag but I know this phase shall pass , you are inspiration for many and I am sure you would see through this phase too…

Dont Just Sack Murali Manohar Joshi, Dismantle PAC- Why waste public money?

PAC (Public Accounts Committee) which was probing into 2g spectrum scam seems to be pretty much like parliament these days. Since PAC has member of parliament , we could not have asked for any thing different. Aren’t MPs suppose to behave in manner they did behave?. Well division and politics of opportunism is how our politicians operate. Isn’t it?

PAC is always headed by member of parliament from opposition party. Current PAC chairman is Murli Manohar Joshi. PAC’s report got leaked in media yesterday and PAC report is said to be highly critical of Prime minister Office , Prime minister and chidambaram (who was finance minister in his previous tenure).

Now PAC report is still to be tabled and wont be adopted since 11 out of 21 members have voted against it and have demanded resignation of Dr murali manohar joshi. I would got one step further , why only murali manohar joshi , i think entire PAC must be dismantled. Why waste public money?. If PAC members don’t have faith in their chairman , why were they silent till now?. Are they kids who were shown report for first time by chairman?. Why didnt they demand preliminary report before the final report?

A minister is alleged of scam worth 1,70,000 crores (INR) and dear prime minister doesnot even know it?. What was prime minister doing ?. Was he silent because of collation dharma?. If yes is remaining silent not equally corrupt way as is taking bribes?

What is use of a person being non corrupted when he sits on piles of corruption done by his ministers and his party men or his collation partners?

2G scam , cwg scam , up food scam , Isro-Davos deal…these are few of list and our dear prime minister’s part men expect PAC to give clean chit to Prime minister?. Well in democracy no one is above people and it is people’s money which gets swallowed by corrupted ministers , IAS officers and government machinery and if a person cannot stop that or act strongly against accused , he/she must face the music. PAC’s leak report is infact sober .

Coming to congress and its associates, well secular card has worked for them but it wont keep on working forever. Corruption is their product and they must clean the mess or else they should stop going ga ga about how better they are than others. Others are followers of what congress did set as path .

BJP on other hand must too stop stating how different they are as party. They are so different that they didnt sack karnataka chief minister even when their party chief admitted that karnataka chief minister was morally wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As 11 PAC members demand resignation of Dr murli manohar joshi , I demand dismantling of PAC forever. Let make it simple , whosoever is in government would probe its own corruption charges and all would come out clean. Let us make this rule of the game. We should also have constitution amendment stating that prime minister and his office is above criticism!!!!!!!. What say?

21st May 2011 and end of world saga

Day before yesterday as I went back home, my dad asked me about 21st may 2011 prediction. His inquiry was general one . He didn’t believe that stuff but wanted to know who has predicted it.I informed him about what ever I knew about it . Later I did look into who was camping who has made this prediction. I knew he is christian and radio personality but I didn’t knew that he was civil engineer too. He uses maths calculations and bible verses to come down to such predictions. Earlier he had predicted 1994 as year when end would come. End never came and he later told that he had made mathematical error.

Earlier Mayans had made headlines with media coming to conclusion that world would end on 2012. Many books got written , movie was made. I remember when first news made headlines in local news paper. For entire day it was talk of town.Every one had opinion on it. Some believed , some rejected while some were afraid , while some where even happy!!!!!!!!

“END OF WORLD”..Every religion , every sect , every human generation has asked this question. When did It begin?. How did it begin?. Why I am here? , What after death? and When would world end?. Curiosity which has led humans to scale heights ,create new things , explore the world , moon and mars. We took on nature and made our ways , we fought with other species and altered food cycle. We became king of the world and civilized being . Having achieved so much as species , some questions still remain answered. Questions which were existing 5000 years ago , 10000 years ago and still remain answered.

“END OF WORLD” is one such question. When , how . Human beings have always been fascinated with this question. Various school of thoughts of religion have tried to answer this question and when it comes to faith , well every believer believes that his /her religion’s answer in only truth. Nothing wrong in it as long as that truth remains personal and is not imposed on others.

Why we are so much fascinated with end times?. Are we genetically programmed to do so?. As science too accepts that spirituality is natural and we are generally programmed to be spiritual. Is this question extension of spiritual quest?. To find answer I asked different people from different faiths and no one gave same answer. Every person had his version of end times and why humans are fascinated with it. Answers were mixture of faith they follow , their own situation and their thoughts/experience.

Like most human beings , I too have opinion and I personally believe that world wont end any time soon. For world to end one of possibilities is that there must be some meteroite of huge side to crash on earth and Nasa nullifies this as of now.Another possibility is of some major epidemic to spread which can kill 7 billion human beings!!!!!!!!!. But would that end world?. As per science world and life existed even when humans didn’t and it might continue to exist even if humans seize to exist. Third possibility of world to end is climate change which would make various species incompatible for existence. Fourth possibility is end of sun which would cause end of world but sun’s life is good enough for another millions .

Yes religious believes do have fifth possibility and in fact it is only possibility for people of faith and it is god and his will. I respect their belief but tend to disagree with notion that god would end the world. According to me god has auto system devised to operate the world and god doesn’t interfere in the system. System has auto checks and auto balancing mode. I don’t think god has any plan of ending world any time soon.

I have expressed my opinion on this but I would like to hear more about what is your opinion on end of world saga and more specifically on 21st may 2011 prediction of end of world.

Suresh Kalmadi Arrested & Kanimozhi Charged , Is This begining of new era for India?

Seven months. What all can happen in seven months?. A person can loose berth of Indian cricket team like Rohit Sharma did. A person can recover from any injury. A person can get promotion in seven months. A pre mature baby can be born in seven months. Two seasons can get changed in seven months.

Well there are lot of things which can happen in seven long months. It is long long time , more than 200 days. The most important thing in context of this write up is that many files can be destroyed , saboot can be tampered in seven months.

It took seven months for CBI to arrest suresh kalmadi. He has been charged by CBI is what is going to be known as time scoring scam. It is alleged by CBI that Mr Kalmadi gave contract to Swiss Omega Gem International and illegally all competition was eliminated from the race to entertain omega gem. The volume of scam is worth 142 crores.

Congress was quick to suspend kalmadi and it is expected that kalmadi would be sacked as Indian Olympics Association Chief.

The day when Kalmadi got arrested CBI also filed additional charge sheet on 2g scam. Daughter of karuna nidhi and mp of DMK , Kanimozhi was charged for taking bribe to facilitate swan.

Rs 200 crores is said to be routed from DB group to cine yug to Kalignar t.v. on same day. Kalignar is owned by karuna nidhi family where karuna’s wife owns 60% while kanimozhi has 20% stake.

So Question of the day is are we seeing new beginning for India with arrest of kalmadi , charge sheet against kanimozhi , and A Raja already behind the bars , are we going to see far more transparency?

Well Kalmadi’s arrest is welcomed and so is charge sheet against Kanimozhi but there are many questions which needs to be answered.

a) Why no charge sheet against Karuna’s wife?.

CBI counters this by saying that karuna’s wife is ghost director. Now lady with 60% stake is ghost director?

b) Why sharad pawar Balwa  link is till not investigated?

c) While Kalmadi got arrested what about allegations of corruption infrastructure development which was not under kalmadi?

d) Would CBI dare to go beyond kalmadi and kanimozhi?

e) Can Congress blamed coalition politics and get away?

The above questions are still un answered.

Acting on pressure of media , court , anna hazare movement is good but we need far more strong and tough actions and that would make government to take on the mightiest of own party as well other parties. Would congress dare to do that?. Let us see.

Sathya Sai Baba – The man , the god or the god man?

Since last week I was closely following sathya sai baba’s news. Every update was making me watch closely. I am not devotee of sathya sai baba . I never in my life believed in any miracle stories regarding any one in history of human species. For me miracle was life itself and no person who comes to earth and can die is capable of defying nature and produce miracles. Irrespective of that I was worried about sathya sai baba’s health.I was concerned for him.

I remember when I first saw sathya sai baba’s photograph. I had gone to bhopal during my summer vacations . I was in my 8th standard and was 14 years old. My aunty was devotee of sathya sai baba . She introduced me to him and said that he was reincarnation of shirdi’s sai baba. Shirdi’s sai baba was some one whom I had known because of bollywood song called ‘shirdi waale sai baba’ and movie on him.

My aunty had gifted me a ring which had sathya sai baba’s pic. I wore it for around a year or so before it got lost some where. Next I came across sathya sai baba’s discussion in some brahmin sabha. I unwillingly had to attend that since one of my uncle was invited and he could not go alone. My uncle believed that every preacher or spiritual leader must be brahmin ( sathya sai baba was born in backward class family)¬† . This point was always difference of opinion between me and my uncle. Never the less , being skeptic he thought sathya sai used various means to attract devotees and it was all magic tricks.

So who was sathya sai baba?. A man who tricked devotees?. A god incarnate?. Sai’s incarnate?. God man?. To his devotee he was bhagwan , to skeptic he was someone who tricked people. I dont know who he was but what I know for sure is that he was extra ordinary person who taught humans to be humans. His contribution to human kind is awesome , his stand for service to man kind is unshakeable and his work for poors is worth following. He has had immense contribution in field of health , eduction and providing drinking waters to lakhs. Who so ever he was , whether one believes he was god or whether one believes he was man who used magic tricks to get followers , none can take away from him, his philanthropic contribution.

Being non devotee of sathya sai , I still felt sad when I heard news of him passing away. I was having this depressing feeling yesterday about a great man leaving the earth.

His devotee believe that Baba has left body but he still lives on. Even I being non devotee agree to believers of Baba. With kind of work he did , with kind of path he did set , with kind of way he showed , Baba would live on in hearts of millions , in work of future generations .

As media worries about his Rs 40,000 crore worth trust , I feel mixture of emotions today. I feel proud that we had such a tall being in our country , I feel sad that he passed away and at same time my heart is filled with hope that his trust would continue doing what sathya sai believed in and that is working for poor and deprived people. I join millions across globe to pay homage to sathya sai baba.

Sathya Sai Baba – The man , the god or the god man?