Loksabha election 2014 predictions by NDTV Hansa Research projects

NDTV Hansa research projects have predicted the outcome of ongoing Loksabha election 2014. Their predictions is that the BJP lead NDA will get 2/3 majority. In their latest poll survey they have predicted 16 more seats for NDA. If this prediction turn outs to be true, this is the rarest thing to happen in contemporary Indian politics. The way regional parties have grown over a period of time and the way they have been cutting votes of national parties, ‘single party getting 2/3 majority only seems like distance dream’. Many intellectuals believe that untill India gets a single party rule, it can not take bold decisions and move ahead.

If Loksabha election 2014 predictions by NDTV Hansa Research projects turn outs to be true, it will be the biggest ever win for BJP and NDA. From day one BJP is talking about 272+ mission. Though they have declared that they will continue the alliance even if BJP alone wins 272+ seats.

As per loksabha result prediction, congress will face its worst ever defeat as it will end up winning less than 100 seats. If this happens, then it surely proves the power of voting. It proves that no government can take people of the nation for granted.

Vadodara loksabha seat 2014 result and updates : Modi vs Mistry

Vadodara loksabha seat has never been given so much importance before but this time due to Narenda Modi being a bjp candidate from the seat has made it thing for discussion. It was confirmed that Modi is contesting loksabha election from at least one seat from GUJARAT. However Vadodara is not something any one had predicted. The probable choice could have been either Gandhinagar or Ahmedabad East.

Earlier Congress had declared Mr.Narendra Rawat as its candidate for Vadodara loksabha seat for 2014 general elections but as Narendra Modi was declared BJP candidate for the said seat, congress replaced Narendra Rawat with Senior Congress MP and rajyasabha member Mr.Madhusudan mistry to take on BJP’s PM candidate.

Sanskari Nagri vadodara is expected to vote in favour of Modi and make him win with record vote margin !!!

Trivia :
- BJP has won Vadodara Loksabha seat for 5 times while Indian national congress has won Baroda constituency for 7 times.
- BJP once fielded TV actress Dipika Chokhaliya who played the famous SITA role in RAMAYANA. She came victorious.
- Pasha bhai patel of Swatantra Party has won it once.

Chandigarh loksabha seat 2014 election result and updates

Chandigarh is one of key loksabha constituency for 2014 general elections as two big bollywood names have been declared ad two major political parties. Social activist and Actress Gulpanag is AAP party’s candidate while Veteran Actress Kirron kher is BJP’s candidate. Both the actress will take on each other as well as on congress leader Pawan Bansal who is sitting MP for past three loksabha terms.

Trivia for Chandigarh Loksabha Seat 2014 :
- Pawant Bansal was caught in the controvery of cash-for-promotion scam. AAP and BJP both are expecting to cash on this black dot on Pawan Bansal.
- Savita bhatti, wife of Late Jaspal bhatti the comedian, was AAP candidate for Chandigarh loksabha seat but she withdrew due to some personal reasons. However it was rumoured that she was upset with local aap workers not being helpful to her. Aap gave ticket to Gulpanag to fill the space left empty by Bhatti.
- Gulpanag had earlier tweeted that she endorses Narendra Modi for PM and he should be given the chance as he seems to be the only option Indian voters have. When she was declared as AAP candidate for Chandigarh loksabha seat, many namo supporters and bjp workers on twitter founds gul’s old tweet praising modi and retweetd it.

List of candidates for Chandigarh constituency for 2014 loksabha election :
JD(U) : Surinder Bhardwaj
AAP : Gul Panag
BJP : Kirron Kher
INC : Pawan Kumar Bansal

Result of Chandigarh constituency for 2014 loksabha election :
- To be declared on 16th may 2014 the vote counting day.

Ahmedabad east loksabha 2014 result

Ahmedabad east is one of BJP’s strongest hold in Gujarat. BJP has been winning Ahmedabad east loksabha seat for long. Mr.Harin Pathak as been MP for 7 times from this loksabha seat. In loksabha election 2009 a rumour was spreaded that Narendra Modi did not want Harin pathak to contiue and he wanted that seat for his candidate. However Harin Pathak who was considered close to L K Advani did not became scape goat in 2009.

But as they say Bakre ki Amma kab tan khair manayegi…….Harin Pathak was denied ticket and was replaced by Film Actor Paresh Rawal. Paresh rawal is considered as favourite of Narendra modi and is sure to win. Harin pathak and his supporters were upset initially but later on they started working for the party promotion. Harin Pathak joined Advani’s campaign for Gandhinagar loksabha seat.

Result of Gurgaon constituency for loksabha election 2014

Gurgaon is key loksabha constituency as AAP’senior leader Yogendra Yadav is contesting from the seat. Currently the Gurgaon loksabha seat is with Congress candidate Rao Inderjit Singh Yadav. The Gurgaon loksabha seat was part of loksabha election from 1952-77. However Gurgaon seat again came in existance from 2009 loksabha election.

List of Candidates for Gurgaon constituency for loksabha election 2014
Yogendra Yadav (AAP)
BJP (Rao Inderjit Singh)
INC (Rao Dharampal)
INLD (Jakir Hussain)

Result of Gurgaon constituency for loksabha election 2014
- To be declared on 16th May 2014.